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TLC February Scavenger Hunt - Winter Olympics

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Monthly Challenges  February Scavenger Hunt - Winter Olympics      


Each month we will give you a list of 50 themed words to find in your books.

There is no limit to how many words you can get per book.

For each word please post a link to the book, the author, the date you finished it, plus the page number/location and sentence where you found the word.

Apple - A Touch of Ice - L.J. Charles (1/10/16)
I had a weakness for apple pie, heavy on the cinnamon... (loc. 245)

Any genre/format is fine.
Re-reads are OK.
No page minimum.
To count a book towards the challenge you must read the majority of it after the start date of the challenge.

At the end of the month please re-post your whole challenge as a new message so that we can award your Hall of Fame badge!

(Even if you don't hit the level you were aiming for, you can still claim a badge for the words you did get.)

Olympic Scavenger (1)

February Scavenger Hunt - Winter Olympics
Duration: February 1-February 28, 2018

Choose your level:
Bronze: 10-20 words
Silver: 21-40 words
Gold: 41-50 words

25. Medal
36. Skeleton

Like a Memory Abbi Glines 2/1/18
1. Air p 12 .... clearing the air right now ...
3. Big p 1 I owed him big.
5. Body p 5 ... of the cancer that ravaged my physical body ...
7. Coach p 135 I actually heard Coach J say the ...
9. Country p 9 .... at the Kerrington, the elite country club ...
12. Double p 38 She carried double zero ...
13. Energy p 156 I still didn't have the energy ...
14. Event p 45 I donated poboys for the community event.
15. Figure p 18 ... while I tried to figure out ...
17. Games p 195 ... play the trivia games ...
19. Ice p 50 I became a block of ice.
21. Judge p 39 I didn't want to judge.
23. Loss p 170 Thinking about my loss ...
24. Luck p 123 .. no, nothing, good luck ...
28. News P 85 I saw so many like her on the news ....
29. Official p 15 ... get food on your official first day ...
31. Opportunity p 8 ... take this opportunity to tell them ...
44. Torch p 6 Hadley Stone was his long running torch.
48. Winner p 28 Nothing was a winner.
50. World p 6 My world changed in that one visit.

Sex, Not Love Vi Keeland 2/2/18
4. Bob p 162 The masculine bob of his Adam’s apple was hypnotic.
6. Ceremony p 14 ...the rest of the ceremony and the first hour of...
11. Diet p 153 I'm on a diet.
16. Final p 24 ...face before making my final move.
20. Individual p 75 ... all the flowers in individual containers with hangers.
27. Muscle p 128 Every muscle in his body tensed as he...
32. Perform p 140 ... if she didn’t perform her counting rituals.
33. Points p 9 ... should get me extra points, by the way.
34. Record p 130 “For the record, I think Anna’s pretty damn great.”
42. Sports p 160 ... home from sports until almost ...
43. Team p 40 ... on a varsity basketball team at Beacon?”
46. Victory p 7 Hunter’s scowl felt like a victory.

Holiday Hearts: A Fairytale Christmas\The St. James Affair Susan Wiggs 2/2/18
8. Cross p 115 ..., maybe the best to ever cross the ice here.
10. Curling p 149 ... in the thick hair curling aginst his collar.
18. Hockey p 88 He was supposed to be a hockey star.
35. Skating p 106 Who has time for skating?
37. Ski p 106 ... and she'd gone skiing in St. Moritz.
39. Snow p ...fairy-tale beauty in the flurrying snow.
49. Winter p 44 ... wearing only one shoe in the middle of winter.   

The Exile of Sara Stevenson Darci Hannah 2/3/18
22. Leader p 314 ... Mr. Willy Campbell", said the leader, repeating ...
26. Mixed p 87 Mary had instructed, mixed a spoonful of ...
41. Speed p 93 ... and the speed of the clouds ...    

When Love Comes J.H. Croix 2/7/18
2. Athletes Loc 1198 He was fit and sleek, not like an athlete, but like ...
47. Weights Loc 918 ... slicing fillets to selected weights, flash ...

Fire at Dusk Lila Ashe 2/9/18
45. Trainer Loc 72 ... for one of my trainers for a long time.    

Snow Angels James Thompson 2/15/18
30. Olympics p 35 ... years and dreamed of competeing in the Olympics.

The View from Rainshadow Bay Colleen Coble 2/18/18
38. Sled/Sleigh p 151 I can sit down like on a sled if I want.
40. Snowboard p 151 I don't have to stand on a snowboard or surfboard.    

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