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WC February 2018 - Brazil's Capital: Brasilia

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Capital of the Month  February 2018 - Brazil's Capital: Brasilia

Brazil's Capital: BrasiliaFebruary 1, 2018 - February 28, 2018

This month we are going to visit the architectural wonder and utopian capital city of Brasilia.

✱ Brasília was a city built on purpose. It was planned and built to serve as the country’s new capital city replacing Rio de Janeiro in 1960.
✱ Amazingly, it was built entirely in 41 months. It's inaugural was on April 21, 1960, making it one of the youngest capitals in the world.
✱ Brasilia is a definitive example of 20th century modernist urbanism. Designed by urban planner Lucio Costa and architect Oscar Niemeyer, their plan was that every element of the city’s overall design would be in harmony.
✱ UNESCO listed the entire city of Brasilia as a World Heritage Site in 1987.

Choose a level and enjoy your visit!
Day Tripper: 4 Attractions
Explorer: 5-6 Attractions

Challenge Rules: All forms of books are accepted as long as they are 100 pages or more. When posting updates of completed books, please include a link to the title and author’s name, along with the date you finished reading the book. Please post cover if it is task appropriate. When you have completed the challenge, please copy and paste your entire challenge and repost in a new message, letting us know it is completed.



1. The Three Powers Plaza
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The entire city of Brasilia was planned and built with this plaza in mind. The seats of Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Powers are located around it, forming an equilateral triangle. Modern in its plan and known as one of Oscar Niemeyer's most interesting designs, it has grown into a huge tourist attraction over the years uniting a series of well-known landmarks: the Planalto Palace, the National Congress, the Federal Supreme Court, Itamaraty Palace, and the Ministries Esplanade.

✱ Read a book with a triangle shape on the cover OR
✱ Read a series book #3 OR
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in THREE POWERS PLAZA.
Holiday Hearts: A Fairytale Christmas\The St. James Affair Susan Wiggs 2/2/18

2. Metropolitan Cathedral

Constructed from 16 concrete columns, Oscar Niemeyer designed this Cathedral to represent Christ's crown of thorns. As you stroll along the entrance pathway, bronze statues of the four apostles greet you. Walking through a dark tunnel to enter the building you will be completely surprised as you enter the large interior which is actually built underground. But the gorgeous stained glass windows built into the ceiling create a light and airy atmosphere that is completely awe-inspiring.

✱ Read a book with columns on the cover OR
✱ Read a book with 16 (must be intact) found in the page count or publication date OR
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in METROPOLITAN CATHEDRAL.
The Exile of Sara Stevenson Darci Hannah 2/3/18

3. Lake Paranoá
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Lake Paranoa is a testament to modern engineering. It was built by changing the course of several rivers, directing them into this man-made lake that the city is built around. It is an important source of water for the region and has the second largest marina in the country. The southern shore boasts a popular pier surrounded by lush gardens, quaint footpaths and restaurants overlooking the lake. Another iconic landmark of the lake is the Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge. This stunning and impressive bridge has won several awards and is a must-see during your visit.

✱ Read a book with a lake or bridge on the cover OR
✱ Read a book that has won an award (tell us the award) OR
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in LAKE PARANOA.
Closer Than You Think Karen Rose 2/5/18

4. Television Tower
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The Television Tower is the highest point in Brasília, making it the best place to get a birds eye view of the city and how it is laid out. The two observation decks - one of which houses the National Museum of Gemstones - are a great place to see the sunset or the impressive water show from the fountains in front of the tower. On weekends it hosts an Arts & Craft fair which is a great place to find an array of local foods.

✱ Read a book with a fountain on the cover OR
✱ Read a book with a title that begins with the letter T or V OR
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in TELEVISION TOWER.
Absinthe Winter Renshaw 2/6/18

5. Sarah Kubitschek City Park

Named after a First Lady of Brazil, the City Park is said to be the largest urban park in the world. The park features playgrounds, lagoons, Go Kart racing, an amusement park and a myriad of different sports fields. On the weekend there are usually events, flea markets and local musicians making it a fun place to spend the day. You can even rent rollerblades to help you get around.

✱ Read a book with an amusement park ride on the cover OR
✱ Read a book with a character named Sarah in it
Sara Lee Sweet Tea and Sympathy Molly Harper 2/10/18
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in CITY PARK.

6. Cultural Stations

I had to include this! One district in Brasilia wanted to promote literacy so they have set up “Cultural Stations” or mini-libraries at all their bus stops. Free books are available for loan and for residents to read while they are waiting for the bus. A local butcher & meat company, T -Bone promoted the project and donated the first books to be used. Be sure to visit the W3 district of Brasilia and leave a book in the lending library to help promote the love of reading.

✱ Read a book that has a book(s) on the cover OR
✱ Read a book where the main character visits a library OR
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in CULTURAL STATIONS.    
Fire at Dusk Lila Ashe 2/9/18    

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