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CCC From Sea to Shining Sea - Maine

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Misfit Challenges      From Sea to Shining Sea - Maine    

From Sea to Shining Sea - Maine
Duration: Mar 01, 2018 - Apr 30, 2018

1. The 23rd state to join the United States was Maine. It did so on March 15, 1820. Its capital city is Augusta. Maine first appears in writing in 1622 as a province, in a charter of the council of New England granting land to Sir Ferdinando Gorges and Captain John Mason. The name Maine is probably a nautical term which refers to the region being a mainland (separate from the many surrounding islands). Maine is the only state with exactly one syllable. The state's nickname is Pine Tree State which recognizes the ubiquitous white pine trees of the state.
✒ Read a book with a 2 and 0 in the year it was first published (tell us the year) -or- read a book whose title contains a major word greater than 4 letters with a single syllable -or- read a book written by two authors.
(2012) Once Burned Jeaniene Frost 3/4/18

2. It is bordered by New Hampshire to the west, the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast, and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to the northeast and northwest respectively. Maine is the easternmost state in the contiguous United States, and the northernmost east of the Great Lakes. For thousands of years, indigenous people were the only inhabitants of Maine. At the time of European arrival in the area, several Algonquin speaking peoples inhabited it. The first European settlement in Maine was by the French in 1604 on Saint Croix Island, by Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons. The first English settlement was the short-lived Popham Colony, established by the Plymouth Company in 1607. A number of English settlements were established along the coast of Maine in the 1620s, although the rugged climate, deprivations and conflict with local peoples caused many to fail over the years.
✒ Read a book set in a location east of you (the location has to be within half the global distance, tell us where the book is set and where you live) -or- read a book where an ambitious project fails -or- read a book with a French character in it.
Book Setting: Finland and I live in North Carolina -
Lucifer's Tears James Thompson 3/2/18

3. During the American Revolution and the War of 1812, Loyalist and Patriot forces contended for the territory of Maine. During the War of 1812, British forces occupied the territory, but it was returned to the United States as a part of a peace treaty. Maine was part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820, when it voted to secede from Massachusetts to become a separate state. Maine previously had disagreements with Massachusetts because of land speculations and settlements. But it was the decision of pro-British merchants, who opposed the War of 1812, to refuse to defend Maine from British invasion that stoked secessionist sentiments in Maine.
Read a book with either American or British characters are involved in a war (they don't have to be fighting each other) -or- read a book in which a character is resentful of someone else for a good reason -or- read a book with an intact 12 in the date it was first published (12 can be the date, month or the year, mention the full date).
The Way Home Cindy Gerard 3/13/18

4. Maine has a total area of 33,215 square miles, which is nearly as many square miles as the other five New England states combined. As the crow flies, Maine's coastline stretches an impressive 250 miles. However, satellite images measuring the contours of its craggy coast have shown that the Maine coastline is actually around 3,500 miles. When Maine's offshore islands are included, it jumps to 5,500 miles. While Maine is known for its dense forest cover, it astonishingly has a small desert of its own, occupying 40 acres outside the town of Freeport. It originally developed as a result of over farming in the area, and is now a popular tourist attraction.
Read a book set in a beach town -or- read a book with a tree/s on the cover (post the cover) -or- read a book whose series title begins with a letter in CRAGGY (ignore A, An and The).
Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay Jill Mansell 3/9/18

5. Maine's state bird is a Chickadee. Its state flower is White Pine Cone and Tassel. The state tree is Eastern White Pine and the state animal is Moose, both of which are featured in the state flag against a field of blue. The state motto is "Dirigo" or "I lead". The state cat is Maine Coon; a tall, muscular, big boned cat, well equipped to survive the harsh New England winters. Maine Coons have a glossy coat, heavy and water resistant, and have long bushy tails which the cats wrap around themselves when they curl up to sleep to protect them from the cold.
Read a book with a character with leadership qualities (tell us who) -or- read a book in which a cat plays an important role -or- read a book with a mostly dark blue cover (post the cover).
(Sheriff Brady) Paradise Lost J.A. Jance 3/12/18

6. Mainers take their lobster very seriously. Almost 90 percent of the country’s lobster supply is caught off the coast of Maine, by around 4,600 licensed lobstermen - nearly 40 million pounds. The Maine Lobster Festival helps bring in nearly $1 million in tourism cash to the state and boasts over 1,000 volunteers that help haul more than 20,000 lobsters that weigh 25,000 pounds in total. The University of Maine even has its own Lobster Institute, dedicated to learning more about the crustaceans. Founded in 1987, its primary purpose is to support the state’s lobster industry, and to help lobstermen around the world develop sustainable practices. Maine is the single largest producer of blueberries in the country, responsible for 99 percent of the crops in the United States. It is also the third largest producer of maple syrup, just behind Vermont and New York.
✒ Read a book with a sea creature, real or imaginary, on the cover (post the cover) -or- read a book whose main protagonist is a teacher or professor -or- read a book with the word BERRY in its title or authors name (compound words are welcome, plurals are okay as well).
The Wife Between Us Greer Hendricks 3/18/18

7. Popular Mainers include poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Edna St. Vincent Millay, director John Ford, and publisher George Palmer Putner. But the most famous Maine resident is the master of horror, author Stephen King, who lives in Bangor. He wrote his first novel, Carrie, while working as a school teacher in Bangor. His novels are set in the fictional town of Derry in Maine. Bangor also claims to be the birthplace of Paul Bunyan, and has a giant 31 foot statue celebrating the woodsman. The writer E. B. White lived in a farmhouse in Northern Brooklin in Maine. He wrote a number of important works here, and the home was the inspiration for his most famous work, Charlotte's Web. A private man, he did not disclose the location of his home while he was alive and even convinced an interviewer to report that he "lives in New England, somewhere between Nova Scotia and Cuba".
✒ Read a Stephen King book set in Maine -or- read a book whose main protagonist is an author -or- read a book with a sharp murderous implement on its cover (like an axe, knife, sword etc., not a needle.)
The Ghostwriter Alessandra Torre 3/7/18

8. Freeport is home to the flagship store of LL Bean, founded in 1912 by hunter and fisherman Leon Leonwood Bean. The store claims to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, which is further enforced by the fact that the locks were removed from its doors in 1951. The Freeport store has a giant boot standing outside the store, and the boot can also be found driving around the town, referred to as Bootmobile. Burt's Bees was founded by former photojournalist Burt Schavitz in Maine in 1980s. Schavitz moved to Maine from New York after deciding that TV had made photojournalism obsolete. He became a beekeeper, began selling honey, and ultimately co founded Burts Bees with Roxanne Quimby in 1984. Until 2003, Strong, Maine was known as The Toothpick Capital of the World. At one point, 95 percent of all wooden toothpicks produced in the US were made in Strong. But as toothpicks declined in popularity, the industry began to falter and in 2003, the last of Strong’s toothpick mills shut down.
✒ Read a book with a door or lock on the cover (post the cover) -or- read a book with a photograph or illustrations within its pages -or- read a book which mentions something that is no longer used or is out of fashion (tell us what).
Love Walked In Marisa de los Santos 3/14/18 Mousquetaire - opera gloves. They used to call them that. Late 19th century white kid with pearl buttons.

9. Acadia National Park sits on Mount Desert Island and several smaller islands nearby. East of the Mississippi River, Acadia was the first national park to have been established. Originally, the park was named Sieur du Monts National Monument in 1916. It was changed to Lafayette National Park in 1919 and finally to Acadia, to honor Acadia, the former French colony that had included Maine. Cadillac Mountain, located within the park, is the highest mountain along the Atlantic Coast. It’s also one of the first places to see sunrise in the US each morning from October through March. John D. Rockefeller Jr., was responsible for the construction of many of the miles of carriage roads in the park. The park is home to at least 40 different species of mammals, including the moose, beaver and bear.
✒ Read a book set in a state with a national park -or- read a book with a paved road on the cover (post the cover) -or- read a book in which all words in the title begin with a letter in CADILLAC (2 word minimum, A, An and The DO count).
Devil's Claw J.A. Jance 3/3/18

10. In Maine, it is illegal to step off the plane, mid-flight. You will be charged a fine if you have your Christmas decorations still up after January 14th. In Augusta, it is against the law to stroll down the street playing a violin. Any other musical instrument is presumably fine. In South Berwick, you may not park in front of Dunkin Donuts, which probably beats the point. In Waterboro, dog leashes may not be over eight feet in length. In Wells, you may not place advertisements in a cemetery.
✒ Read a book in which the main protagonist flies in a plane -or- read a holiday book set over Christmas -or- read a book whose main character works in a diner, restaurant or bakery.    
No One But You Brenda Novak 3/8/18    

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