Sunday, February 18, 2018

Precinct 81: 069. Puzzle Me This

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Puzzle Me This   069. Puzzle Me This    



🔫 Sign up

🔫 Pick the rank you are aiming for and label your post.

🔫 Find a word in the puzzle above. There are 55 crime related words hidden in total.
If you need some help, the first letter of each word can be pound under the Clue

🔫 For each word found, read a book with that word in the title. 1 book / word.
You can use the singular or plural version of the word and you are also able to use a different tense of the word (Helping instead of Help).

🔫 For each 10 books read you complete a rank.

The Challenge starts once you've signed up

🔫 There is no time limit to this challenge, but you should be active at least once a month.


🚓 Use this thread for tracking only

🚓 Questions can be asked in this thread

069. Puzzle Me This
👮 Police Officer: 10 books

1. Justice - Wild Justice Liz Fielding 2/20/18
2. Never - One You Never Leave Lexy Timms 2/27/18
3. Crime - Partner in Crime J.A. Jance 3/23/18
4. Justice - Hard Justice Lori Foster 4/19/18
5. Secret - Secrets On Cedar Key Terri DuLong 4/13/18
6. Secret - Lakeshore Secrets Shannyn Leah 5/9/18
7. Dead - Living with the Dead Kelley Armstrong 5/11/18

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