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WC March 2018 - South Africa's Capital: Cape Town 

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Capital of the Month  March 2018 - South Africa's Capital: Cape Town    

South Africa's Capital - Cape TownMarch 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018

Cape Town is famed for being one of the world’s top destinations to visit. Let explore and learn about this exciting and diverse city.

✱ South Africa has three capital cities, one for each branch of government with Cape Town being the legislative capital.
✱ Founded in 1652 as a supply station on the Dutch East India Company's sea route to the East, Cape Town is often referred to as The Mother City since it was the first city in South Africa.
✱ It lies at the southwestern tip of South Africa on the Cape Peninsula and is bordered by two oceans - the Atlantic to the west and the Indian Ocean to the south east.
✱ Considered to be one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, it is an international cosmopolitan melting pot of people and culture.
✱ While most countries have one or two official languages, the post-Apartheid democratic constitution of South Africa recognizes 11 official languages with Afrikaans being the most spoken language in Cape Town.

Choose a level and enjoy your visit!
Day Tripper: 4 Attractions
Explorer: 5-6 Attractions

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1. Table Mountain
Towering over Cape Town, Table Mountain is the city's most recognizable landmark. Voted one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in 2011, the area is now a National Park and is home to the richest floral kingdom on earth with 7,000 plants found nowhere else on the planet. Adventurous travelers can hike to the summit but most use the Aerial Cableway with suspended cable cars that rotate 360 degrees, offering passengers spectacular views of the city and the ocean.

✱ Read a book with a mountain on the cover OR
Devil's Claw (Joanna Brady, #8) by J.A. Jance Devil's Claw J.A. Jance 3/3/18
✱ Read a book that takes place in a National Park OR
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in TABLE MOUNTAIN.

2. Boulders Beach
This stunning beach earned its name from the massive boulders that lay scattered across the sands and separate the shoreline into peaceful, private coves. Its warm India Ocean waters are great to swim in, but the main reason to visit is to get to know the locals: an ever-expanding colony of African Penguins. Being the only place in the world to observe them, don’t miss your chance to get up-close and personal with these tuxedoed sunbathers.

✱ Read a book with a beach on the cover OR
✱ Read a book with a setting where penguins could be found (tell us where) OR
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in BOULDERS BEACH.
Bluebird, Bluebird Attica Locke 3/9/18

3. District Six Museum
You cannot understand Cape Town's history without District 6 as a reference point. In 1966 when apartheid was in full swing, over 60,000 people were asked to leave the district when it was declared a “white” neighborhood. This museum educates visitors and shares the history of this terrible social injustice. Paired with a visit to Robben Island - where Nelson Mandela, militant anti-apartheid activist and former president of South Africa, was held captive, you get a clear picture of South Africa's troubled history.

✱ Read a book that explores a social injustice (tell us what it was) OR
✱ Read a book with a title that starts with a letter in APARTHEID OR
Edge of Darkness Karen Rose 3/2/18
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in DISTRICT SIX MUSEUM.

4. The Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront
Named after Queen Victoria and her son, Alfred, this bustling harbor caters to both tourists and residents with whale-watching tours, a wide array of shopping venues, restaurants, and notable attractions. Swim in the shark tank at the Two Oceans Aquarium or explore the recently opened Zeitz MOCAA Museum which was once an old grain silo that has been reimagined into an incredible tribute to African art.

✱ Read a book with a boat or ship on the cover OR
✱ Read a book with a character named Victoria or Alfred (shortened versions work: Vicky, Vick, Al) OR
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in V&A WATERFRONT.
The Ghostwriter Alessandra Torre 3/7/18

5. Bo Kaap
Home to the Cape Malay community, Bo Kaap is best known for its bright rainbow colored houses. The smell of spice permeates the area as it’s where the best curries and samosas are made. Take a cooking tour and try making your own in a local woman's kitchen. It’s also a place of sound and energy – listen to the call to prayer from the oldest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere, and watch for minstrels playing on the street corners.

✱ Read a book with a bright, multi-colored cover OR
No One But You (Silver Springs, #2) by Brenda NovakNo One But You Brenda Novak 3/8/18
✱ Read a book tagged CULTURAL on its GR homepage (it can have any country listed after the word Cultural) OR
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in BO KAAP.

6. Constantia Valley
Cape Town literally has wine it its backyard! Only 10 miles south of the city center, Constantia Valley has a wine-making history that dates back to 1685 and boasts 8 award-winning wine estates. In addition to its wineries, there are shops to explore, live music venues and festivals in the warmer months. The mountain ranges and greenbelts offer breathtaking photo opportunities along with mountain biking, zip lining & horseback riding opportunities.

✱ Read a book with a wine glass or wine bottle on the cover OR
✱ Read a book with an 8 in the total page count OR 288 pages Ghost A. Zavarelli 3/11/18    
✱ Read a book whose author’s first and last initial can be found in CONSTANTIA VALLEY.    

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