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TLC A Trip Down Memory Lane - 1968 (Apr-June 2018)

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Quarterly Challenges      A Trip Down Memory Lane - 1968 (Apr-June 2018)

memory lane

Every 3 months we will give you a list of facts about a randomly selected year with reading tasks to go with them. Read one book for each task.

*Books may only be used for one task
*For each book that you read please post a link to the book, the author and the date you finished it.
* Where more than one option is given for a task, please state which option your book relates to.
*If the task relates to the cover of your book, please post the cover.
*All genres and formats are fine.
*Re-reads are allowed.
*No page minimum.

*When you have finished please re-post your whole challenge as a new message or we will not be able to award your Hall of Fame badge!

Fond Memories: 1-5 tasks
Reminiscing: 6-10 tasks
Nostalgia: 11-15 tasks

Duration: 1st April 2018 - 30th June 2018


This quarter the year is: 1968

1. Most Popular TV Show -
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (NBC)
📺 Read a book from the Humor genre OR with a title that has the two people's names.
Hardcore Twenty-Four Janet Evanovich 4/16/18

2. #1 Hit Single (UK) – What a Wonderful Life by Louis Armstrong
💿 Read a book whose title has 2 words that begin with the same letter OR with a character or author named Louis or Armstrong (may be first or last name).
Rock Redemption Nalini Singh 4/5/18

3. #1 Album - Are You Experienced? by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
🎤 Read a book whose title is a question OR whose author's last name begins with H.
Pucked Over Helena Hunting 4/17/18

4. Most popular film – Funny Girl
🎥 Read a Biography OR a book with a MC who is an actress or singer.
The Magnolia Story Chip Gaines Joanna Gaines 4/2/18

5. Top Selling Book – Airport by Arthur Hailey
📚 Read a book with an airplane on the cover OR a book where a massive snowstorm occurs.
Please post the cover.
Kidnapped Cowboy Lindsey Brookes 4/7/18

6. Best New Food- Big Mac (McDonalds)
🍔 Read a book with the word BIG in the title OR with an arch on the cover.
Please post the cover.
Her Big Sky Cowboy Alissa Callen 6/2/18

7. Born this year: September 10th – Guy Ritchie
👶 Read a book whose author is from the UK OR a book with Sherlock Holmes as a character.
Some Kind of Wonderful Sarah Morgan 4/8/18

8. Died this year: December 20 – John Steinbeck
📚 Read a book by John Steinbeck OR a book set in California (most of his books were set there).
Irresistible In Love Bella Andre 4/27/18


9. February 6 - Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France/Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico.
🏅 Read a book set in the winter or summer OR set in France or Mexico.
Marriage Games C.D. Reiss 4/1/18

10. April 4: Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.
⛪ Read a book from the Christian genre OR with a character that is a minister.
Awakening Sharon J. Bolton 5/25/18

11. May 29: Manchester United wins the European Cup Final, becoming the first English team to do so.
⚽ Read a book where the MC is an athlete OR set in England.
The Earl's Defiant Wallflower Erica Ridley 4/8/18

12. June 5: Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in Los Angeles.
⚓ Read a book with a character who is/was in the Navy, a lawyer or works for the government (can be any country).
The Good Daughter Karin Slaughter 4/23/18

13. September 30: Boeing introduces the first 747 "Jumbo Jet".
✈️ Read a book whose title begins with a letter in BOEING OR set in Washington state.
Rainshadow Road Lisa Kleypas 4/10/18

14. November 22: "Star Trek" airs American television's first interracial kiss
💋 Read a book with an interracial couple OR with a 2 people kissing on the cover.
Please post the cover.
Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18

15. December 24: Apollo 8 is the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon.
🌕 Read a book about the space race OR with a character that is an astronaut.
BOTH Star Dust Emma Barry 4/27/2018    

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