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RRRC 2018 May Monthly Challenge

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Monthly Challenges      2018 May Monthly Challenge    

May 1 - May 31 2018

Super excited to guest-host this challenge for May!

1. 'M' is for May:
READ a book that starts with 'M' or a book whose author's first or last name starts with 'M'.
A Single Thread Marie Bostwick 5/3/18

2. Olympian Gods and Goddesses - ATHENA Athena was the Goddess of War, the female counterpart of Ares. She is one of three virgin goddesses; the other two were Hestia and Artemis. Athena served as a guardian of Athens, where the Parthenon served as her temple.
READ a book with a parent/guardian character OR a book that is part of a trilogy OR a goddess in the story.
Right Where We Belong Brenda Novak 5/6/18

3. Featured Author Challenge (FAC) author – Ilona Andrews. Read one book written by Ilona Andrews or any author with her first or last name. Link to Ilona Andrew’s backlist-  Magic Strikes Ilona Andrews 5/31/18

Fun Facts about Ilona Andrews -
* ‘Ilona Andrews’ is a pseudonym for the husband-and-wife writing team, Ilona and Gordon.
* Ilona is a native-born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the US Army.
* This dynamic duo writes bestselling urban and romantic fantasy.
* Ilona and Gordon live in Texas with two kids, three dogs and a cat.

You may also READ a book by an author who is from Texas. You can also read any book shelved as Fantasy, or a book with an animal or child on the cover. Or you may read a book with a team in the story.

4. May 1st is International Worker’s Day: Also known as Labour Day or Workers’ Day in some countries, and often referred to as May Day, is the celebration of labourers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labour movement which occurs every year on May Day (1 May), an ancient European spring festival.
READ a book with a ‘Springy’ cover OR the main character is of the a working class OR has a 5 and 1 in the page count.
Under Locke Mariana Zapata 5/5/18

5. May is National Barbeque Month in the USA: “Barbeque” originally referred to pork cooked over a high smoke fuel source like wood or charcoal. The term has now come to include other meats and foods and refers to more to the cooking method rather than the specific dish. The method is commonly believed to have originated from aboriginal peoples in the Caribbean and Florida, where the word “barbeque” first entered the English language as “barbacoa”, which translated as “sacred fire pit.”
READ a book that has a chef/baker/cook character OR is set in the Southern United States (where BBQ is king!) OR features a hunk of ‘beef’(naked person) or fire on the cover.
Man Hands Sarina Bowen 5/7/18

6. May 4th is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!): Celebrated and observed by fans of George Lucas’ epic Star Wars franchise. The date was chosen for the pun on the catchphrase “May the Force be with you”. Some fans also recognize the next day, May 5th as ‘Revenge of the Fifth”, a play on “Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith,” which celebrates the Sith Lords and other villainous characters from the franchise.
READ a book that has a star on the cover or in the title OR features opposing groups of heroes and villains in the story (like the Jedi and Sith) OR has all the letters of STAR WARS in the title and author's name (any order and yes ‘S’, ‘R’ and ‘A’ must be counted twice).
Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18

7. May 8th is World Red Cross Day: The Red Cross provides humanitarian efforts and disaster relief around the world, wherever it is needed. May 8th remembers and recognizes the efforts of the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies worldwide. Worldwide efforts to advocate for the relief of human suffering, whether from disease, famine, disaster or war. In America on May 8th, the American Red Cross puts special focus on US programs that keep children healthy and safe around the globe.
READ a book with RED or a CROSS on the cover OR has a character who is a doctor/nurse/volunteer OR is tagged as a YA.
Alone Lisa Gardner 5/10/18

8. May 13th is Mother’s Day: The first Mother’s Day in the US was on May 10th, 1908 in Philadelphia. Everybody has a mother and absolutely no one is more special than mom. Sure, dad is really important. And, grandparent's too. But moms, well they are just the greatest. Often taken for granted, they are always our strongest supporter. You can't do wrong in Mom's eyes.
READ a book with a prominent ‘mom’ character (good or bad) OR with flowers on the cover OR the numbers ‘1908’ in the page count and publication date (any order, can be combined).
Porch Lights Dorothea Benton Frank 5/4/18

9. May 22nd is World Goth Day: Originated in the United Kingdom in 2009, World Goth Day has quickly spread and is now celebrated in many countries around the world. Goth is not just about wearing black clothing. It’s a whole culture!
READ a book with a ‘goth’ or a ‘bad boy/girl’ character OR with music or fashion in the storyline OR an author born in the UK.
Stillhouse Lake Rachel Caine 5/6/18

10. Reader's Choice:
READ any book of your choice.     Until You Loved Me Brenda Novak 5/5/18

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