Sunday, April 29, 2018

TCF I'll Drink to That! - wine

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♦Monthly Challenges♦       I'll Drink to That! - wine    

Each month in 2018 we'll focus on a specific drink. This month is wine.
Whether sweet or dry, white or red, robust or light, wine requires very specific serving procedures in order to reach its full flavor potential. Each type of wine requires a specific style of glass.

Duration: May 1 - 31, 2018
No page limit. Re-reads and audio books are okay.
mc = main character

How much do you want to "drink"?
1/4 a glass - read at least 1 book
1/2 a glass - read 2 to 3 books
3/4 a glass - read 4 to 5 books
a full glass - read 6 or more books

Types of wine glasses:
red wine glass (fuller and rounder with a larger opening) - read a book with a large mc

bordeaux glass (taller than traditional red wine glasses) - read a book with a tall character
Until You Loved Me Brenda Novak 5/5/18

burgundy glass (the bowl is larger) - read a 400+ page book
Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18

white wine glass (more U shaped and upright) - read a book that is written in the first person

champagne flute (narrower than most wine glasses) - read a book about a person who is similar to you in some way
Man Hands Sarina Bowen 5/7/18

rose wine type glass I (a short bowl and a slight taper) - read a book with a young child in it
Porch Lights Dorothea Benton Frank 5/4/18

rose wine type glass II (a slightly flared lip) - read a book where you learn something new
dessert wine glass (should be smaller) - read a book with less than 150 pages

pinot noir glass (balloon shaped) - read a book where the mc goes to a party
Under Locke Mariana Zapata 5/5/18

chardonnay glass (has a wide mouth) - read a book where the mc gets kissed
A Single Thread Marie Bostwick 5/3/18

sherry glass (a narrow taper) - read a book that is towards the end of a series

stemless wine glass (limited risk of breakage) - read a book from your favorite genre
Right Where We Belong Brenda Novak 5/6/18

cordial glass (shot glass on a stem) - read a book where someone gets shot
Stillhouse Lake Rachel Caine 5/6/18    

all purpose wine glass (a lower cost and increased efficiency) - read a general fiction book    

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