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TLC Colors of the Month - Gray

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Monthly Challenges   Colors of the Month - Gray


Colors of the Month - Gray/Grey
Duration: April 15, 2018 - May 14, 2018

This is a monthly challenge that coordinates with A Color Scavenger Hunt posted by Sharon.
You may do as many tasks as you wish.
A badge will be awarded for participation.

1. Read a book whose cover is a shade of the color of the month.
Helsinki White (Inspector Kari Vaara, #3) by James Thompson Helsinki White James Thompson 4/15/18

2. Read a book whose author's first and last initials are in a shade of Gray from the graphic above. Tell us the shade.
FLINT Hard Justice Lori Foster 4/19/18

3. Read a book with a title that starts with a letter in GRAY/GREY.
The Good Daughter Karin Slaughter 4/23/18

4. Read a book from Shades of Gray .

5. dull and nondescript; without interest or character:
"gray, faceless men" ·

➕ Read a book with a character who is dull OR adds nothing to the story.

6. (especially of hair) become gray with age:
➕ Read a book with an older character OR with a person with gray hair on the cover. Please post the cover.
Butternut Summer Mary McNear 4/22/18

7. : having an intermediate and often vaguely defined position, condition, or character an ethically gray area
➕ Read a book where a character does something that is not exactly the "right" thing to do. Tell us what they did.
Nap beats a man up for beating his girlfriend. He did this so the woman and her children could get away from him.
Don't Let Go Harlan Coben 4/22/18

8. In the late 1930s, grey became a symbol of industrialization and war.
➕ Read a book set during the 1930s OR where WAR is a part of the story.
Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18

9. Clouds look darkest grey during thunderstorms.
➕ Read a book where a thunderstorm occurs OR with clouds on the cover. Please post the cover.
The Woman in the Window A.J. Finn 5/13/18

10. The substance that composes the brain is sometimes referred to as grey matter, or "the little grey cells", so the color grey is associated with things intellectual.
Read a book with an intelligent character. Tell us their name.
Nora Stuart Now That You Mention It Kristan Higgins 4/19/18    


Challenge Rules
*For each book that you read please post a link to the book, the author and the date you finished it.
*Each book may only be used for one task or letter
*To count a book towards a challenge you must read the majority of it after the start date of the challenge.
* Where more than one option is given for a task, please state which option your book relates to.
*If the task relates to the cover of your book, please post the cover AND the book link.
*All genres and formats are fine.
*Re-reads are allowed.
*No page minimum.
*Please update your original post as you go.

*When you have finished, please re-post your whole challenge as a new message and MARK AS FINISHED or you will not be considered to have completed the challenge and we will not be able to award your Hall of Fame badge

(Even if you don't hit the level you were aiming for by the deadline, please re-post your challenge anyway as you may still be eligible for a lower level badge.)

Please use the TLC STANDARD RULES when participating in this challenge.
If you are not familiar with these rules, please click on the link and read them over.    

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