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TLC May Monthly Challenges: May Scattergories - May Easy As 1, 2, 3

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Monthly Challenges  May Scattergories       


The general rules of Scattergories are you are given a list of categories and a time limit. Then the letter dice is rolled and you have to come up with something that matches the letter and the category.

The object of this challenge is the same sort of thing as the board game. We give you a list of 12 categories/words and a letter and you find items that fit those categories in your books. The goal is to find all 12 items. You may use a book to fulfill as many categories as it fits (you don't have to read 12 books this month...don't worry!)

The first 6 categories will stay the same, the second 6 will be announced each month.

Please remember to add a link to the book, the author and give the date you finished reading it.
You also need to post the sentence and page/loc# for items 7-12.

May Scattergories
Duration: May 1, 2018 - May 31, 2018

Recurring Items:
1. Book Title: Lakeshore Secrets Shannyn Leah 5/9/18
2. Author: Shannyn Leah Lakeshore Secrets 5/9/18
3. Main Character: Lucas Lucas Jay McLean 5/14/18
4. Secondary Character: Leo Pellissier Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18
5. Place/Setting: Louisiana Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18
6. Item on cover: Lanterns
Porch Lights by Dorothea Benton Frank Porch Lights Dorothea Benton Frank 5/4/18

And the Specials for May are:
7. Excuses for Being Late: Locked We were in his dorm room, and he wouldn’t let me leave. He locked me in there and said we could “talk it out” but we didn’t talk. p 79 Lucas Jay McLean 5/14/18

8. Words With Double Letters: Lollipops p 359 “Rainbow-colored baby bunnies and lollipops?” Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18

9. Parts of the Body: Lids, Lashes p 372 Ziggy had applied golden and sapphire shimmer to my lids, a sparkly gold eyeliner over Cleopatra-style black liner, mascara that made my lashes look a mile long. Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18

10. Things Made of Metal: Longsword p 384 His longsword back. Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18

11. Offensive Words: Low Life p 353 “I took her conniving, snake-belly-low life and her head.” Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18

12. Terms of Endearment: Love Katie said, “I accept the challenge of Postumus, who seeks the head of my love and my master, Leo Pellissier.” Dark Queen Faith Hunter 5/2/18    

Your letter is:


May Easy As 1, 2, 3


"Easy As 1, 2, 3" Monthly Challenge
Duration: May 1, 2018 - May 31, 2018

This challenge is an ongoing monthly mini-challenge to keep us all motivated to start, (and then continue), some of the many series in our TBR.

1) You must read one of each: a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd book in a series.
2) Any genre of series is acceptable.
3) 'Half-step' short-stories (i.e., shorts in anthologies), do not count.
**For uniformity, the numbering on GR will be the judge of this.**
4) Rereads do count.
5) No more than 2 of the 3 books each month can be from the same series.
6) Please post a link to the book and the author and also the date you finished the book.
7) *Please post a partial list of the challenge when you sign up.
8) Please repost your entire challenge when you are finished to get your badge.   

My List:
1. A Single Thread Marie Bostwick 5/3/18 (Cobbled Court Quilts, #1)
2. Killman Creek Rachel Caine 5/16/18 (Stillhouse Lake #2)
3. Until You Loved Me Brenda Novak 5/5/18 (Silver Springs #3)

1. Man Hands Sarina Bowen 5/7/18 (Man Hands #1)
2. Logan Jay McLean 5/15/18 (Preston Brothers #2)
3. Dare to Touch Carly Phillips 5/19/18 (Dare to Love #3)  

1. Alone Lisa Gardner 5/10/18 (Detective D.D. Warren #1)
2. A Thread of Truth Marie Bostwick 5/13/18 (Cobbled Court Quilts #2)
3. The Family Gathering Robyn Carr 5/24/18 (Sullivan's Crossing #3)

1. Sinful Intent Chelle Bliss 5/22/18 (ALFA Private Investigations, #1)
2. Tempted Sabre Rose 5/29/18 (Thornton Brothers #2)
3. Magic Strikes Ilona Andrews 5/31/18 (Kate Daniels #3)  

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