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TLC Summer Bingo!

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Quarterly Challenges  Summer Bingo!

I'm bringing back Caroline's bingo from last year with a new badge.

sum bingo

Summer Bingo!
Duration: 1st June 2018 - 31st August 2018

Read books that relate to the images in the bingo grid to complete a bingo line. The line can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. If you're feeling brave and you're a fast reader, feel free to try to complete the board!

How you connect the book to the image is up to you, the item could be on the cover (please post the cover), in the title or part of the plot. Be creative, think outside the box, but please tell us how it fits!

N1: Barbecue - 101 Things to Do with a BBQ by Steve Tillett 101 Things to Do with a BBQ - (bbq recipes + barbecue on cover)
N2: 4th of July - 4th of July (title)
N4: Cocktail
- Tequila Sunrise (Tequila Sunrise is the name of a cocktail)
N5: Bikini/Swimsuit - The Perfect Boy by Hailey Abbott The Perfect Boy - Bikini on cover


B1: Sun Cover 
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart E. Lockhart 7/24/18
B2: Sea Word in title 
A Stone in the Sea A.L. Jackson 7/14/18 
B3: Flip Flops/Sandals Author Initials 
Swedish for Beginners Susanne O'Leary 7/29/18
B4: Camp MC's company runs a Summer camp 
Fielder's Choice Pamela Aares 7/13/18
B5: Travel/Vacation Author's Initials 
When We Touch Tia Louise 7/21/18

I1: Surf Cover 
Rainy Day Friends (Wildstone, #2) by Jill Shalvis Rainy Day Friends Jill Shalvis 7/4/18
I2: Beach Cover 
A Nantucket Wedding by Nancy Thayer A Nantucket Wedding Nancy Thayer 6/4/18
I3: Tennis Title begins with same letter 
Two Sisters Mary Hogan 6/10/18
I4: Hot Word in Title 
The Hotter You Burn Gena Showalter 7/28/18
I5: Ice Cream Author's Initials
Magic Slays Ilona Andrews 6/22/18

N1: Barbecue Plot - Characters had a barbecue. 
One Night of Trouble Elle Kennedy 8/4/18 
N2: 4th of July Author's Initials 
Face the Wind and Fly Jenny Harper 7/30/18
Secrets in Summer Nancy Thayer 7/12/18
N4: Cocktail Author's Initials 
The House at Saltwater Point Colleen Coble 7/5/18 
N5: Bikini/Swimsuit Cover 
Cocoa Beach by Beatriz Williams Cocoa Beach Beatriz Williams 6/12/18

G1: Hat Cover 
Her Big Sky Cowboy (Wildflower Ranch #3) by Alissa Callen Her Big Sky Cowboy Alissa Callen 6/2/18
G2: Baseball Cover 
Thrown By Love (Tavonesi #2) by Pamela Aares Thrown By Love Pamela Aares 7/3/18
G3: Picnic Cover 
A Charmed Little Lie (Charmed in Texas, #1) by Sharla Lovelace A Charmed Little Lie Sharla Lovelace 6/7/18 
G4: Bugs Cover 
Made for You by Melissa Marr Made for You Melissa Marr 7/7/18
G5: Pool (Scene in book p 86) 
The Year I Became Isabella Anders Jessica Sorensen 7/21/18

O1: Strawberry Author's Initials 
Holding on Tighter Shayla Black 6/13/18
O2: Shorts Cover 
More Than Him (More Than, #3) by Jay McLean More Than Him Jay McLean 6/1/18
O3: Island Set on island 
Beach House for Rent Mary Alice Monroe 6/7/18 
O4: Sunglasses Cover
Celina (The Connelly Cousins #1) by Abbie Zanders Celina Abbie Zanders 6/24/18
O5: Deckchair Author's initials 
Wishes and Stitches Rachael Herron 6/5/18


Challenge Rules
*Please post a partial list of the challenge when you sign up.
*For each book that you read please post a link to the book, the author and the date you finished it.
*Each book may only be used for one task or letter
*To count a book towards a challenge you must read the majority of it after the start date of the challenge.
* Where more than one option is given for a task, please state which option your book relates to.
*If the task relates to the cover of your book, please post the cover AND the book link.
*All genres and formats are fine.
*Re-reads are allowed.
*No page minimum.
*Please update your original post as you go.

*When you have finished, please re-post your whole challenge as a new message and MARK AS FINISHED or you will not be considered to have completed the challenge and we will not be able to award your Hall of Fame badge

(Even if you don't hit the level you were aiming for by the deadline, please re-post your challenge anyway as you may still be eligible for a lower level badge.)

Please use the TLC STANDARD RULES when participating in this challenge.
If you are not familiar with these rules, please click on the link and read them over.    

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