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TCF I'll Drink to That! - water    

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♦Monthly Challenges♦      I'll Drink to That! - water    

Each month in 2018 we'll focus on a specific drink. This month is water.


Here’s a guide for all those wondering what is a sparkling water and how does it differ from the regular mineral varieties.

Duration: July 1 - 31, 2018
No page limit. Re-reads and audio books are okay.
mc = main character

How much do you want to "drink"?
1/4 a glass - read at least 1 book
1/2 a glass - read 2 to 3 books
3/4 a glass - read 4 to 5 books
a full glass - read 6 or more books


Tap water
you get it directly from your faucet - read a book that you already own
Thrown By Love Pamela Aares 7/3/18

it must meet the regulations set by the local municipal bodies - read a book published by a major company
Made for You Melissa Marr 7/7/18

it is widely used for household chores such as cleaning, cooking, and washing clothes - listen to an audio book (so you can do your chores at the same time :)

Mineral water
water that naturally contains minerals - read a book where the female mc does not wear makeup

also cannot be subjected to any treatment - read a book that may not have been edited
JAMISON Olivia Chase 7/6/18

the water has a characteristic salty taste - read a book where the mc goes to the ocean (or the Great Salt Lake :)
Rainy Day Friends Jill Shalvis 7/4/18

Spring water
rainwater accumulated underground tends to “leak” out at the surface - read a book that might make you cry
Drowning to Breathe A.L. Jackson 7/15/18

it is not passed through a community water system - read a book set in a rural place
Issued to the Bride: One Airman Cora Seton 7/9/18

considered suitable for drinking as it comes from under the ground - read a book that shows ground on the cover
Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer Secrets in Summer Nancy Thayer 7/12/18

Well water
water trickles down and travels through the inner crevices of the soil - read a book that has been recommended to you
forms underground lakes - read a book where the mc goes underground

one of the primary sources of water - read the 1st book in a series
Breakout Stephanie Kay 7/9/18

Purified water
has undergone purification treatment in a plant - read a book that you know has gone through an editor
removed all bacteria, contaminants and dissolved solids - read a book where the mc gets very sick

You can purchase it from the markets - read a bestseller
Origin Dan Brown 7/20/18

Distilled water
all its minerals and salts has been removed - read a book that does not qualify for any other challenge
it is an absolutely pure form of water - re-read one of your favorite books
it is not typically recommended for drinking - read a book where the mc gets very thirsty

Sparkling water
the water that has undergone carbonation - read a book where the author's name starts with 'C' or 'O'
The House at Saltwater Point Colleen Coble 7/5/18

makes your water fizzy just like your sodas - read a book where the mc drinks a soda
Red Lily Nora Roberts 7/2/18

you may have encountered waiters in your favorite restaurant asking your preference of water - read a book where the mc cooks or bakes for a living    
Lost and Found Sisters Jill Shalvis 7/3/18

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