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CCC World's Smallest Countries

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Timeframe: 8/1/18 to 11/30/18

Thanks to Barb for creating this challenge.

The world contains billions upon billions of people spread far and wide around the globe. Everyone is familiar with the largest countries on Earth, but for this challenge, we're focusing on the smallest countries in the world. Don't let their size fool you, though; from the people to their landscapes, these places can be quite fascinating. And because size doesn't always matter, we've also included a few of the least populated countries in the world. If you want to get away from it all -- including people! -- you might want to visit one of these countries :)


The Spice of the Caribbean is the tenth smallest country in the world. Grenada has a population of over 107,000 and is relatively sparsely populated, compared to some of the countries to come on this list. It is one of the largest producers of nutmeg and mace in the world, with inhabitants saying the smell wafts around the island. The most popular sport in the country is cricket.
* Read book #10 of a series; tell us the series OR a book with a spice or seasoning in the title or in the series name; if you use the series name, be sure to tell us what it is.
A Gathering of Secrets Linda Castillo 8/19/18 (Kate Burkholder #10)

With a population of over 419,000 people, Malta is one of Europe's most populated countries, but size-wise, it's the ninth smallest in the world. The republic of Malta is made up of three parts: Gozo, Comino and Malta, and according to a 2013 report by the UN, Malta is one of the happiest countries in the world.
* Read a book set in a heavily populated area (a large city, etc.); tell us where OR a book with a character who is happy all the time; tell us who.
Boston One Night of Trouble Elle Kennedy 8/4/18

The Maldives is an archipelago of 1,192 coral islands grouped into 26 coral atolls, of which 200 are inhabited. Its population is just under 367,000 people. Climate change is a serious issue, and in 2009 the then-president and 13 other officials sat at desks at the bottom of the sea, dressed in full scuba gear, to raise awareness about the potential dangers the islands face.
* Read a book in which an environmental issue of some kind plays an important part; tell us the issue OR a book with a 2 or 6 in its average GR rating on the day you started reading; tell us the rating.
Rating 3.92 Without Merit Colleen Hoover 8/21/18

This two-island country is located in the Eastern Caribbean. The population is just over 55,000, yet the country is only 15 square miles smaller than The Maldives, demonstrating the secluded nature of this small country. Many respected figures have called this island home at varying points in time, including Alexander Hamilton, who was born here. 
* Read a book in which someone famous (in real life) makes an appearance; tell us who OR a book with a 5 in its ORIGINAL year of publication; tell us the year.
2015 The Harder You Fall Gena Showalter 8/3/18

Liechtenstein's population is ten times smaller than that of The Maldives, with only 37,000 people. Located between Switzerland and Austria, the country is amazingly safe: the crime rate is drastically low and the last murder occurred in 1997! Lichtenstein was accidentally invaded by the Swiss army in early 2007, when 170 armed Swiss soldiers wandered a mile across an unmarked border.
* Read a book in which a murder occurs OR a book with a character who is or was in the military (an era, any country, any branch).
The Perfect Couple Elin Hilderbrand 8/2/18

San Marino claims to be the oldest surviving sovereign state. With a population of around 32,000 people, this is a small country that’s actually quite densely populated. In 1861, the San Marino government wrote to then-US president Abraham Lincoln, asking if he would like to form an alliance with them. In return, they would give him honorary San Marino citizenship. To many historians' surprise, Lincoln accepted their offer. 
* Read a book in which an unlikely alliance is formed; without giving away spoilers, tell us the circumstances OR read one of the first 23 books you added to your TBR; tell us when it was added.
Once Kelsey finds out what she is, she has to align with an unknown to protect herself. Ripper Lexi Blake 8/8/18

Tuvalu averages only about 384 people per square mile, and there is only one hospital on this island previously known as Ellice Island. Just to the northeast of Australia, the highest point of this country is only 16 feet above sea level. Its rather secluded location leads to only about 2000 visitors per year, and most of those are for business. 
* Read a book with an intact "16" in its total number of pages; tell us how many pages OR a book with a character who travels regularly for business; tell us who.
416 pages Kiss Me, Kill Me Allison Brennan 8/2/18

An island east of Australia, Nauru is the smallest island country, but with a population of around 10,000 it's relatively crowded, compared to some earlier countries on this list. Only 10% of the country's residents are employed, all of them by the country's government. 
* Read a book with a 5-word title (ALL words count) OR a book set on an island; tell us where.
A Baby of Her Own Brenda Novak 8/17/18

Monaco is a very wealthy country, and is known for hosting the Grand Prix and other events every year. Association Sportive de Monaco, the country’s major football club, plays in a stadium that is able to fit over half of the country’s population of 37,500 people.
* Read a book with a very wealthy character; tell us who OR a book with a character who plays a sport on a regular basis, either professionally or as an amateur; tell us the character and the sport.
Malcolm Carlesso When We Found Home Susan Mallery 8/11/18

Located entirely within the confines of Rome, Italy, Vatican City, is the home of the Pope and the Roman Catholic church. Its population is just 800 people, but many of those citizens actually live elsewhere. The Vatican prints its own stamps, issues passports and number plates, mints its own Euros and has its own flag and anthem.
* Read a book with a character who is a religious leader; tell us the character OR a book whose entire plot takes place within the same small town; tell us where.
Mystic Creek Mulberry Moon Catherine Anderson 8/5/18


Due to its natural wonders – volcanoes, geysers and lava fields – Iceland, with an average population of 9.5 people per square mile, is an ideal destination for those looking for beauty, peace and a fair amount of Scandinavian socialism. The country has no army, which makes it perfect for people who are looking to storm its vastly empty beaches looking for Norse tombstones.
* Read a book with an empty beach shown prominently on the cover; post the cover OR a book by an author whose first and last initials can be found in ICELAND.
Born in Blood Alexandra Ivy 8/10/18

With about 8 people per square mile, French Guiana sits on the northeastern coast of South America. Although the country is technically part of France, it is largely independent. The tropical and ancient forests, savannas, mangroves and wetlands make up most of its uninhabited landmass make it bio-diverse and is well protected by natural reserves.
* Read a book set in France or with a French-speaking character; tell us who OR a book by an author whose name as displayed on Goodreads contains both an F and a G (not necessarily in order).
Jensen, Emma and Antoine Monroe In the Crease Toni Aleo 9/6/18

The southwestern African country of Namibia sits on the Atlantic Ocean, with Botswana located to the east. As it is fairly elevated, its climate is temperate, although it has some desert areas. Namibia has a population density of about 7.7 people per square mile.
* Read a book whose title begins with N (disregard A, An and The) OR originally published in a year with a 7 in it; tell us the year.
2017 Easy Nights Kristen Proby 8/4/18

With an average winter temperature of 30°F., Ulaanbataar, Mongolia's capital has the distinction of being the world's coldest capital city. This is due primarily to the country's location, between China and Russia, and being subject to winds blowing in from Siberia. Mongolia averages roughly 3.9 people per square mile, and is probably best known for being the home of Genghis Khan.
* Read a book set in a location known for being cold more often than not; tell us where OR a book with a one-word title (ALL words count).
UP of Michigan Without a Trace Colleen Coble 8/6/18

Being one of the world’s flattest, driest and most arid areas in spite of mountain ranges and rain forest that occupy other parts of the country, Australia's Outback is largely deserted and is more of a travel destination than a habitable landmass. Averaging 3 people per square mile earns Australia the honor of having the world’s smallest person per mile ratio. 
* Read the shortest book on your TBR list that is still over 150 pages; tell us how many pages OR a book in which a main character lives, by choice, more or less in seclusion.
Face-Off at the Altar Toni Aleo 9/7/18

Source: The Fact Site

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