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Precinct 81 191. Butterfly Kisses

Precinct 81 discussion on goodreads

✘ Case File: 191
✘ Date: August 2018
✘ Cold Case: 191. Butterfly Kisses

✘ Crime: Murder
✘ Suspect: Unknown
✘ Location: New York City
✘ Documentation: Butterfly Kisses

His hands are bound behind him, a crude butterfly drawn in blood on his bare back. He isn’t the first.

When a drug addict finds the body of a man in the basement of an abandoned warehouse in NYC, Detective Damien Drake is called in to lead the murder investigation.

The victim was a philanthropist, father, doting husband, and wealthy junior partner in one of the cities most respected law firms; he seemed to have the perfect life.

Yet when Damien probes deeper, he realizes that this man isn’t the first. His investigation soon connects this murder with two other killings of wealthy professionals—one in Montreal, the other in Detroit—all of which were emblazoned with the same bloody butterfly.

What dark secrets is the NYC lawyer hiding? And what is the significance of the butterfly? As Damien inches closer to uncovering the truth, the killer is closing in on him… and his family.

Damien’s last case cost him his wife and daughter. This case threatens not only his job, but his sanity, as well. And this time, the killer may even be smarter than he is. One thing for certain is that if he doesn’t catch the killer soon, more people will die. The only question is, will the next victim be someone close to Detective Damien Drake?

Read a book set in New York A Dangerous Game Heather Graham 8/24/18
✥ Read a book where a character's first and last name start with the same letter
Gabriella Giovanni - Blessed Are the Meek Kristi Belcamino 8/12/18
✥ Read a book where there are multiple murders Kiss Me, Kill Me Allison Brennan 8/2/18
Read a book with an animal on the cover A Baby of Her Own (Dundee, Idaho, #1) by Brenda Novak A Baby of Her Own Brenda Novak8/17/18
✥ Read a book where a character is a lawyer No Turning Back Tiffany Snow 8/4/18


Search for Clues
(Find the following in the text of books. Add location and sentence)

Yellow Without a Trace Colleen Coble 8/6/18 p 115 ... but the yellow crime-scene tape ...
Expensive The Perfect Couple Elin Hilderbrand 8/2/18 p 135 ... because it was so expensive and Bruce ...
Message Kiss Me, Kill Me Allison Brennan 8/2/18 p 20 ... read a message.
Alley One Night of Trouble Elle Kennedy 8/4/18 p 3 Silence greeted them in the alley between Sin and the adjacent building, ...
Jacket The Harder You Fall Gena Showalter 8/3/18 p 147 ... draped his jacket over the back ...

Concrete Kiss Me, Kill Me Allison Brennan 8/2/18 p 109 ... vastness of concrete and roads ...
Bottle Easy Nights Kristen Proby 8/4/18 p 113 I'll pick up another bottle of my fave.
Gun No Turning Back Tiffany Snow 8/4/18 p 32 He was facing my direction and was pointing a gun at me.
Bleach The Harder You Fall Gena Showalter 8/3/18 p 235 ... come bleach my corneas.
Station The Perfect Couple Elin Hilderbrand 8/2/18 p 429 ... back at the station, his voice mail ...

Beard The Harder You Fall Gena Showalter 8/3/18 p 280 ... shadow of his beard.
Butterfly Easy Nights Kristen Proby 8/4/18 p 2 “And cue the freaking butterflies,” I whisper as I check the message.
Gas Born in Blood Alexandra Ivy 8/10/18 p 23 No need to throw gasoline on a smoldering fire.
Detective Kiss Me, Kill Me Allison Brennan 8/2/18 p 17 ... deal with the senoir detective, whom ... 
Burglars Mulberry Moon Catherine Anderson 8/5/18 p 5 At least it wasn’t a burglar.

Suit The Harder You Fall Gena Showalter 8/3/18 p 12 ... pin-striped suit he wore.
Car No Turning Back Tiffany Snow 8/4/18 p 79 As I locked Kade's car, a very nice black Mercedes ...
Smell Easy Nights Kristen Proby 8/4/18 p 7 ... absorbing his smell.
Liquor One Night of Trouble Elle Kennedy 8/4/18 p 64 Just need to call one of our liquorsuppliers.
Apple Kiss Me, Kill Me Allison Brennan 8/2/18 p 60 On the desk was an Apple computer.

✘ If you wish to help solve the above Case, just leave your information below.

✘ There are 5 sections. You can use the same book once for each section. So if you work it right, you only have to Read a total of 5 books.

✘ Books DO NOT need to be Mystery/Thrillers, any type of book will work for solving cold cases.

✘ You do not need to read the book that case is about....however it might help since all the words are found in the book!

✘ Start date: August 1, 2018

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