Monday, August 27, 2018

TCF I'll Drink to That! - beer

The Challenge Factory discussion on goodreads

Each month in 2018 we'll focus on a specific drink. This month is beer.

From "Everyone has an opinion about what the best beer in the world is - but what about the best beer name? Your mates at Best Beer HQ have taken the liberty of scouring the internet and the bottle shop, looking for the most outrageous, the funniest and the cleverest beer names in the world."

And they were nice enough to put them in alphabetical order :)

Duration: September 1 - 30, 2018
No page limit. Re-reads and audio books are okay.
mc = main character's list:
Alimony Ale - read a book with a divorce in the story
What Happened to Goodbye Sarah Dessen 9/21/18

Bad Elf - read a book set at Christmastime

Baron Von Awesome - read a book where the mc has a title
Exit Wounds J.A. Jance 9/15/18

Blithering Idiot read a book where the mc makes a stupid decision
The Space Between Sisters Mary McNear 9/9/18

Bouncing Czech - read a book that you purchased

Chocolate Rain - read a book with a sweet main character
Face-Off at the Altar Toni Aleo 9/7/18

Donkey Punch - read a book where the mc rides an equine of some sort
Cowboy Up Harper Sloan 9/13/18

Druid Fluid - read a book with water on the cover
A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams A Hundred Summers Beatriz Williams 9/21/18

Evil Red Dead - read a book with a lot of red on the cover
Backseat Saints by Joshilyn Jackson Backseat Saints Joshilyn Jackson 9/11/18

Faceplant - read a book where the mc has an accident
Falling For You...Again Kate Curran 9/4/18

Gargamel Ale - read a children's book
Hoptimus Prime - read a book that was made into a movie

Lumpy Gravy - read a book where the mc does a lot of cooking/baking
Sweet Addiction J. Daniels 9/5/18

Nut Sack Ale - read a book with a nutty character in it
Sweet Possession J. Daniels 9/5/18

Old Horizontal - read a book where the cover has a person who is horizontal on it
Snake Venom - read a book where someone gets poisoned

Streaking The Quad - read a book from a tetralogy (a series of 4 books)
Shadows of the Past Patricia Bradley 9/29/18

Tactical Nuclear Penguin - read a science fiction book

The Men's Room - read a book by a male author
Boundary Waters William Kent Krueger 9/16/18

Three Sheet Barleywine - read a book from a trilogy
One More Promise Samantha Chase 9/13/18

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA Select - read a book with a direction in the title

Vampire Blood - read a paranormal book
Into the Fire Jeaniene Frost 9/1/18

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