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TCF I'll Drink to That! - sports drinks

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Each month in 2018 we'll focus on a specific drink. This month is sports drinks.


Sports drinks are beverages that are specially formulated to help people rehydrate during or after exercise. Probably the first sports drink was Gatorade. In February of 2016, Thrillist published an article listing 21 flavors of Gatorade and the results of their taste test. Do you agree with their findings?

Gatorade...3 funny commercials

Duration: August 1 - 30, 2018
No page limit. Re-reads and audio books are okay.
mc = main character

Thrillist's line-up of flavors:
21. Melon (more like continental breakfast honeydew) - read a book set in Europe

20. Strawberry (tastes just like a strawberry, with a hint of chalk) - read a book with a teacher as a main character

19. Green Apple (something this sour might not be the best thing for an athlete/hungover person) - read a book where the mc drinks a lot of alcohol
Lost Rider Harper Sloan 8/15/18

18. Glacier Cherry (like licking the inside of a discarded Capri Sun) - read a book that a lot of people have shelved as 'DNF'

17. Strawberry Lemonade (it's uncanny how much this tastes like Starburst) - read a book where it is nighttime on the cover
A Gathering of Secrets (Kate Burkholder, #10) by Linda Castillo A Gathering of Secrets Linda Castillo 8/19/18

16. Watermelon Cirtus (at first this is pleasantly fruity, but the chemical aftertaste betrays the fact that these flavors have no reason to be united) - read a book with a wedding in it

15. Tangerine (we already have orange, do we really need tangerine?) - read a book with twins in it
Need to Know Karen Cleveland 8/20/18

14. Blue Cherry (this flavor asks more questions than it answers) - read a mystery book

13. Arctic Blitz (if this were an actual blitz, it definitely would not end in an actual quarterback sack) - read a book where the mc plays a sport, for fun or as a career

12. Icy Charge (an invigorating combination of grape and melon; acceptable if guzzled very quickly) - read a book within 24 hours
When We Found Home Susan Mallery 8/11/18

11. Glacier Freeze (just a mild grape that's ignorant of global warming) - read a book set during the summertime
Love, Ruby Lavender Deborah Wiles 8/20/18

10. Strawberry Watermelon (not bad, but like blue cherry, it suffers from a hybrid-flavor identity crisis) - read a book where the mc hides his or her identity for a while

9. Tropical Mango (just add vodka) - read the 2nd book in a trilogy or series
Lucky Charmed Sharla Lovelace 8/9/18 (Charmed in Texas #2)

8. Cool Blue (description is accurate, this tastes just like the color blue) - read a book with a lot of blue on the cover
Ripper (Hunter, #1; Thieves, #6) by Lexi Blake Ripper Lexi Blake 8/8/18

7. Fruit Punch + Berry (heavy Hi-C vibes) - read a book that might give you strong vibes (feelings)

6. Grape (it's more sugary than most grape juices, but not to its detriment) - read a book with a sweet character
A Baby of Her Own Brenda Novak 8/17/18

5. Citrus Cooler (this is what orange juice tastes like during a hangover) - read a book where the mc experiences a hangover
Kiss My Boots Harper Sloan 8/16/18

4. Fruit Punch (for the life of me I can't figure out what fruit this is modeled after) - read any fiction book
Blessed Are the Meek Kristi Belcamino 8/12/18

3. Lime Cucumber (there's plenty that could've gone wrong here, but the ratio of cuke to lime is so finely tuned it seems like something they'd serve at a spa) - read a book that someone has given 5 stars
Racked and Stacked Lorelei James 8/11/18

2. Orange (I can't imagine a more perfect combination of artificial orange flavoring and water) - re-read one of your favorites books

1. Lemon-Lime (Gatorade built its empire on lemon-lime and the cornerstone is as strong as the day those U of F scientists completed their first pass to a thirsty Gators wide receiver) - read the 1st book in a trilogy or series 
Born in Blood Alexandra Ivy 8/10/18 (The Sentinels #1) 

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