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If the Shoe Fits

WACKY READING CHALLENGES discussion on goodreads

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If the Shoe Fits
Duration: Open Ended Challenge - Starting May 1, 2017

There are 3 ways to complete a task for this challenge. 
You may mix and match how you choose to fulfill each task.
1. Tasks
2. Covers - Find the shoe on the cover. It must be the exact shoe. Post the cover, please.
3. Find the word in the text. It must be the exact word. Show us the book, author, page number/Loc and sentence. 
e.g. Cowboy, It's Cold Outside Katherine Garbera Loc 82 His jeans were faded, his thighs solid and his cowboy boots looked worn not new. 

Shoe Pile: 15-19
Shoe Danger Zone: 20-25
Shoe Addiction: 26-30 ***My Choice***

Thigh High Boots 
Read a book with a character that is in the fashion business OR a book set in the Victorian Era (1837-1901).
Fading Starlight Kathryn Cushman 6/4/17

Knee High Boots Read a book with a MPG of War/Military OR with a character that was in the service.
Master of Solitude Cherise Sinclair 6/2/17

Wellington Boots Read a book set in the UK OR with a character that is a DUKE.
The Girl Before J.P. Delaney 6/3/17

Cowboy Boots Read a Western OR a book where a character rides a horse.
Last Chance Rebel Maisey Yates 5/21/17

Ugg Boots Read a book set in Australia or New Zealand OR a book featuring twins.
Down the Shore T. Torrest 6/16/17

Timberland Boots Read a book with a blue collar worker OR a TOUGH character. 
Saving Justice Tasman Gibb 5/19/17

Gladiator Boots Read a book that can be described as a "trashy" OR with a character that has been called trashy or garbage.
Rock Chick Reawakening Kristen Ashley 6/9/17

Bondage Boots Read an Erotic/BDSM book OR a book with a sexy scene. 
Beautiful Christina Lauren 5/24/17

Wedge Booties Read a "thick" book (over 400 pages) OR a book with the first letter of each word in the title found in SALVATORE FERRAGAMO - 3 word minimum.
The Sandstone Affair Priscilla West 5/25/17

Litas Read a book with a character who is a musician OR with a character or author named Jeffrey or Campbell.
Summer at the Lake Linda Barrett 7/5/17

Gladiators Read a book set in/or what was the Roman Empire OR in ancient times. 
Option 3 - Gladiators Dare to Desire Carly Phillips 5/4/17 Loc 298 “No, I think the plan was to throw us in here like gladiators and see who survived.”

Read a book with a character that works in a kitchen/restaurant.
Any Day Now Robyn Carr 5/3/17

Mules Read a book with a character that works in the movie business AND a book whose author's first and last name starts with the same letter, eg. Marilyn Monroe.
Just the Sexiest Man Alive Julie James 5/31/17

Slingbacks Read a book that tells the story in the past and present at the same time OR uses more than one POV.
Until There Was You Kristan Higgins 5/22/17

Monk Read a book that is a Series #4 or later OR a book with a cover that can be described as PLAIN.
What it Takes Shannon Stacey 5/2/17

Loafer Read a book with a lazy good-for-nothing character OR with a character whose name starts with a letter in LOAFER. Tell us the name.
Shadow Rider Christine Feehan 5/28/17

Converse Read a book with a MC that is an athlete OR a child/teenager.
Rushing In Lexi Ryan 5/27/17

Oxfords Read a book with a character that is a business person OR set at a university/college.
Love Me Again Jaci Burton 6/8/17

Ballerina Flats Read a book with a character who is a dancer OR a character or author named Audrey or Marie (in any form). Marie OR Audrey 
Twist Kylie Scott 5/26/17

Slip On Read a book that can be described as a "no-brainer" OR with a character that rides a bicycle or skateboard.
The Sound of Glass Karen White 6/19/17

Moccasin Read a book with a Native American character OR by your favorite author.
Cold Reign Faith Hunter 5/11/17

Dockside Read a book from this list Ships on the Cover OR where a character goes on a boat/ship.
Love Bats Last Pamela Aares 5/20/17

Stiletto Read a book with an Italian character OR a SPY novel.
Option 3 - Stiletto All You Need Lorelei James 5/5/17 p 79 She was so smoking hot her stilettos should’ve left scorch marks on the pavement.

Kitten Heel Read a book set or published in the 1950s OR with a cat (of any kind) on the cover.
Some Lucky Woman Jana's Story (What's luck got to do with It Book 1) by Carmen DeSousa Some Lucky Woman: Jana's Story Carmen DeSousa 8/4/17

Platform Read a book set or published in the 1970s OR where a character goes to a night club.
Ryder L.A. Casey 5/29/17

Peep Toe Read a book set in a warm climate (tell us where that is) OR whose author was born between 1940-1970.
(New Orleans) 
Easy Magic Kristen Proby 5/31/17

Pump Read a book with a title that has four letters OR where a character gets revenge. Tell us how.
Some witches got revenge on a descendant of a Nazi that hurt their grandmothers during WWII. 
Curse on the Land Faith Hunter 5/13/17

Scarpin Read a book with a page count between 125 and 150 OR with something long or thin on the cover. Show us the cover.
Option 2 - Cover: Sin City Seduction (Seduction #3) by L.L. Kellogg Sin City Seduction L.L. Kellogg 6/9/17

Mary Janes Read a YA or Childrens' book.  A Monster Calls Patrick Ness 6/23/17

Flip Flops Read a Beach or Summer book. Summer of Change Elena Aitken 5/4/17

Challenge Rules:
Books should be at least 125 pages. All formats are acceptable. Re-reads are fine--just be sure to re-read the entire book. 
When updating your challenge with books you've read, please include the title, author, and date you finished reading the book.
Please show which option you chose.
Repost your challenge when you have completed the challenge, so I can mark you finished!

Need to find a book?

Books set in 1950s 

You can find links to these lists from the one above.
Fiction set in 1900s
Fiction set in 1910s
Fiction set in 1920s
Fiction set in 1930s
Fiction set in 1940s
Fiction set in 1960s
Fiction set in the 1970s
Fiction set in the 1980s
Fiction set in the 1990s

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The Shoes Make the Book
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WRC May 2017 Read-a-Thon

WACKY READING CHALLENGES discussion on goodreads

WRC May 2017 Read-a-Thon
Date: 5/01/17 - 5/07/17


May Read-a-Thon time is here! Set your own goal: number of books to finish, number of pages to read, time listening to an audio-book or a certain challenge or two to complete. Whatever works best for you, set your goal and log your progress. If you prefer, you may just log what you read during the read-a-thon.

During this Read-a-Thon be on the look out for:
(1) Books with a 5, 3, or 1 in there total page count.
(2) Books published in May.
(3) Books with a yellow, purple or green cover.

Set a personal goal, or just log what you read.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017 CCC RaT #4, April 28 - May 3

Crazy Challenge Connection discussion on goodreads

It's that time again -- time for another CCC Read-a-Thon :) 

This month's RaT will begin at 12:01am on Friday, April 28, and end at midnight on Wednesday, May 3, a total of six days. (Use your local time for start/end times.) We're hoping that this will help you finish your April reading lists/challenges and get a head start on May's reading!

Again, our goals for this RaT will be to:
(1) complete any challenges ending in April that you haven't finished yet and start on your May challenges (remember that in order to count a book for most of our May challenges, you must read more than half of it in May) and/or
(2) work on that pile of library or borrowed books that's waiting for your attention and/or
(3) read anything you want to read, just because!

If none of these suit you this month, create your own goal instead :) As you read, be sure to check in here and let us know what you've read, what you think of the book, and anything else you want to tell us about it!

What do you "need" to read during this time? And what do you *want to read? If you want to set a goal -- books finished, pages read, time spent reading -- you can do that too :) So set up play dates for the kids or maybe borrow some movies from the library to keep them occupied, and unearth your collection of take-out menus. 

Let us know what you hope to accomplish, then get ready to start reading!

My List:
1. The Lake House Kate Morton 4/29/17 library book
2. Nantucket Nights Elin Hilderbrand 5/1/17 library book
3. Any Day Now Robyn Carr 5/3/17 library book

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Reading Wheel - April 2017

Tall, Dark & Deadly discussion on goodreads

Purpose: Reduce that TBR / Choose your next book

How it works:


* Every month I will spin the wheel and participants will read a book from the resulting category. See below for a list of categories and their corresponding shelves. 
* You can read as many books from the category as you like. 


* Participants spin their own wheel.
* Click on the Reading Wheel Link and spin the wheel.

* Read a book from the Goodreads shelf for the category that you land on - see below for a list of categories and their corresponding shelves. 

*Do both option #1 and option #2.


Military Hero
FBI Agent
Kick-Ass Heroine
Small Town Cop - (for this shelf be sure your selection also has ROMANTIC SUSPENSE as a genre on the main book page)
Female Detective
Serial Killer
Private Investigator
Dare Devil
Covert Operative / Spy Romance / Regency Spy Romance

* Be sure to let us know the book that you read and what you thought of it. 

* Feel free to ask any questions in this thread.

*Do both option #1 and option #2.

Private Investigator
A Drink Before the War (Kenzie & Gennaro, #1) by Dennis Lehane Dennis Lehane 4/12/17