Friday, February 26, 2010

Milazzo Part 3

I had forgotten about these photos. I will post more tomorrow.
When these photos were taken we were on our way towards
Capo di Milazzo. It was such a scenic drive.

There are walls all over the island to hold up hills and mountains.

This one is quite unique.

While we were driving down this road, I felt like
we were in a scene from a James Bond movie!
It was breathtaking.

You never know what these villas will look like!

I liked this one!

Great doorway!

I like how these rowhomes are all different,
no cookie cutter houses here!

A church.

Look at this entrance.
These properties will cost beacoup bucks!

This lovely villa looks out onto the

Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is the town that I posted the surf photos the other day. We always drove past this town on the autostrada and wondered how do you get down there! For once Frank listened to me when I told him that I think I knew how to get down there. I was right! It's a cute little town.

This was taken as we approached Mongiove.
They have a church (chiesa) and a gym (palestra)!

Going towards the beach (spiaggia).

We live on the other side of the mountain.

Some restoration work or maybe a new build.

A ruin.

The other side. People built right onto it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Walk We Had Last Week

Sophia decided she wanted to walk up to the castello and see if we could get inside. We did. When we got there I was chicken because the signs said it was not open to the public. But we spoke to an older couple that said we could walk around the grounds. So we did!

Here's what we saw.

Cool old house, a friend's favorite

Cross Sculpture

The gate to the castello

Coat of Arms


In English

The main gate

Don't know?

A shrine to the Madonna

The lane to the buildings

A humongous rubber tree

Through this gate is the actual castello

A Church

A statue - very pretty!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Above the beach

Here's a shot from yesterday from the mountains. You can see how calm the surf is!

Here's a little mini frana. The mountains are coming down on to the roads everywhere.
AND we are getting giant potholes in the road.


was a lovely day. It was warm enough to go without a jacket. The sun was shining. If you were in the sun it felt hot! We got to drove around a bit before Frank got tired. We went into a town called Mongiove. They have a nice beach there. Some of the beaches here were ruined by a flood from the mountains in December 2008. I noticed that some of the waves were surf worthy. I haven't seen that alot on a really nice day. Here are the photos.

I hope it brightens your day if you are cold!

We went a down the coast a few km and the surf was calm. It was only in this one spot where the surf was wild! lol

Friday, February 19, 2010


Today we are having a scirocco. Sirocco, scirocco, jugo or, rarely, siroc is a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and reaches hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe.
Any wind in Sicily the older ones call it this but today's is wicked. I just filmed this so everyone can see!

Funeral Notices

The other week I posted about the funerals here. Last week I took some photos of the notices.

This one is for the funeral that I posted photos of.

Things we saw around our town

Yesterday Sophia and I went for a walk around our town. Actually I walked and she skated! It was a very warm day. Beautiful, no humidity, lots of sun! This is what we saw!

A Dedication to the Black Madonna and the Tindari?

A close up

A fountain

I like this door! I wonder if it is 2 way glass!

I liked this piece holding up the balcony.

Very intriguing architechture!

There are paintings like these in several places throughout the town.

The largest one in town.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happenings in this part of the world...

Since southern Italy has been having tons of rain, things are a moving!
This is from a town about 25-30 minutes from us.

This video is from Calabria (mainland Italy closest to Sicily)

Thansk to Lindy for giving me the idea for this post!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Making fastnachts

Where we come from in Pennsylvania, yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. We would celebrate this by eating fastnachts. Check out this article from the internet:

If you make bread, it's not hard to do but it takes most of the day!

Sophia kneading the dough.

My turn to kneading.

Sophia cutting the dough.

All the fastnachts!

After they are fried.

Ready to get delivered!