Thursday, December 19, 2019

2020 Challenges

Romance Readers Reading Challenges
Monthly Challenges
2020 January Monthly Challenge  My Link COMPLETED
2020 February Monthly Challenge  My Link 

Yearly Challenges  
2020 I Spy.....Challenge  My Link

Western Romance 2020  Jan-Mar. Reading Challenge  My link 

The Lost Challenges 
Monthly Challenges
January 2020 Readathon  My Link  COMPLETED
January 2020 Scavenger Hunt - Birthday  My Link COMPLETED
January 2020 Scattergories  My Link COMPLETED
January 2020 Stand Alone  My Link  COMPLETED
January 2020 "Easy As 1, 2, 3"  My Link COMPLETED
January - Hidden Gems   My Link COMPLETED
January Monthly - Birthdays    My Link COMPLETED
A Tribute To Neil Peart   My Link COMPLETED
Band of the Month: Blondie    My Link  COMPLETED

February Scattergories  My Link COMPLETED

February Scavenger Hunt - Auto Racing  My Link
February Stand Alone Monthly Challenge  My Link
February "Easy As 1, 2, 3" Monthly Challenge  My Link
"Ducks In A Row" Two Month Mini Challenge  My Link
February Monthly - Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show  My Link
Hidden Gems - February 2020   My Link
A Tribute To Kirk Douglas  My Link
Musical Group of the Month: Journey   My Link

Quarterly Challenges
A Trip Down Memory Lane - 1955   My Link
Reading The Seasons (RTS) - Winter   My Link
I Wanna Be a Rock Star - Love Songs Edition  My Link

Semi-Annual Challenges
Award Challenge - Part Two  My Link

'You Set The Pace' Challenges
It Couples   My Link

Create a Challenge
The "New" Challenge   My Link

Precinct 81
Cold Case Unit 3 month duration
378. Detective Inspector Huss  My Link  
383. Murder in the Manor  My Link

Video Surveillance Unit
381. TV Guide: Rizzoli & Isles  My Link COMPLETED
387. TV Guide: Rookie Blue  My Link

Accessories to Crime
374. BOTM Spellout  My Link

A Million More Pages
One Month Challenges
2020 - Year of the Rat   My Link  COMPLETED 
February Western Writer Zane Grey Challenge  My Link

Ghost Stories of the Wild West - February  My Link

Three Month Challenges
Spending Time with the Ingalls - Little House on the Prairie AMMP Style  My link

For Love of a Book

Through the Decades   JoAnne in the 30’s
Oscar Predictions 2020  Oscar Predictions 2020 - JoAnne

Wanderlust Challenges
Capital of the Month  
January 2020 - Vanuatu's Capital: Port Vila   My Link  COMPLETED
February 2020 - Venezuela's Capital: Caracas  My Link  COMPLETED

Travel Through History
Travel Through History: Female Rulers   My Link   COMPLETED

Exploring Cultures & Holidays
Celebrating Carnival & Mardi Gras Around the World  My Link

The Challenge Factory
♦Monthly Challenges♦
Hello. In January My Name Is...  My Link COMPLETED
Hooray for Technology! E-Reader Challenge-January Edition  My Link COMPLETED
Hooray for Technology! E-Reader Challenge-February Edition  My Link
Hello. In February, My Name Is...  My Link

Tall, Dark & Deadly
Reading Wheel - January 2020  My Link
Random Reads - January 2020  My Link  COMPLETED
Random Reads - February 2020  My Link  COMPLETED
Reading Wheel - February 2020   My Link  COMPLETED

Columbo's Challenges 2020
Mystery Scavenger Hunt 2020   My Link

Crazy Challenge Connection
Misfit Challenges
OLYMPICS #7 - Surfing  My Link FAILED

Monthly Challenges-Short & Sweet  
February 2020 Scavenger - HOW INVENTIONS ARE BORN   My Link

Route 66 - The Mother Road (from 2018)  My Link

Quarterly Read-a-Thon ( Feb. 1, 2020- April 31, 2020)   My Link