Thursday, July 21, 2016

RRRC 2016 August Monthly Challenge

Romance Readers Reading Challenges discussion on goodreads


1. 'A' is for August: Read a book that starts 'A' or whose author's first or last name starts with 'A'.

2. Happy Anniversary!: Read a book that was published in August of any year or read a book of a RRRC member who joined in August of any year. The list for 2015 begins at the link, go further back for other years.

3. Featured Author Challenge - Teresa Medeiros: Read a book by this month's Featured Author, Teresa Medeiros or by any author with her first or last name.
Fun Facts about Teresa:
★Teresa Medeiros was a 8 time RITA finalist.
★ She published her first novel in 1989.
★ She primarily writes Historical Romance.
★ Teresa lives in Kentucky with her husband and two cats.
So you may also read any book that was a RITA finalist in any category. You can also read any book published in 1989, or that is shelved as Historical Romance. Or you can read a book set in Kentucky. 

4. Summer Olympics (August 5-21): Read a sports romance or a book where a MC is an athlete or is physically active.

5. Book Lover's Day (August 9): Read a best seller or a book rated higher than 4 on GR.

6. Relaxation Day (August 15): Read a perfect beach/deck book.

7. National Tell a Joke Day (August 16): Read a humorous or lighthearted book.

8. Senior Citizens Day: Read a book with an older hero/heroine.

9. More Herbs, Less Salt Day (August 29): Read a spicy book or a book with a spicy cover.

10. Reader's Choice: Read any book of your choosing!

You can choose 3, 5, 8 or all 10 categories depending on your reading speed, book availability and/or time commitment.

When posting your challenge progress, please make sure to put the date/s when you finished your book/s. 

Please repost your progress as it helps when updating.

Happy Reading!! 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Perfect Wedding Guide

A Million More Pages discussion on goodreads

Many weddings take place during the summer months....we at AMMP would like to help you plan the perfect wedding!

Runs July 1 - August 31, 2016



Flower girl= read one book from each of the five sections
Bridesmaid = read two books from each of the five sections
Maid of Honor = read three books from each of the five sections

Bride = read four books from each of the five sections

**FREE PASS** May be used once - read a book with an all-white cover...of course the text can be in a different color. This may replace one book in a level

• Read a book with a title that starts with one of these letters: R-I-N-G
Revel Alison Ryan 7/2/16

• Read a book where you can find "bended" or "knee" in the text (cite page/location)
 Only with You Lauren Layne 7/2/16 p. 81
And what, is it hard for you to imagine me on one knee pouring my heart out?”
• Read a book with a ring or a jewel on the cover or in the title

• Read a book where a proposal takes place
Made for You Lauren Layne 7/2/16

• Read a book where you can find the author's initials in the word COCKTAIL
Melting into You Tracey Alvarez 7/6/16

Read a book or the MC indulges in a cocktail 
At the Water's Edge Sara Gruen 7/8/16

• Read a book with a cocktail on the cover or in the title (note: I will take any kind of beverage as the cover item doesn't need to be alcoholic)
Consumed (Breathless, #1) by Melissa Toppen Melissa Toppen 7/18/16

• Read a book where they have a bachelor or bachelorette party 
Infinite Desire Danielle Jamie 7/14/16

• Read a book where the MC's name starts with a letter in SHOWER Olivia
Cancel the Wedding Carolyn T. Dingman 7/3/16

• Read a book where people are playing games (your interpretation)
Indestructible Desire Danielle Jamie 7/13/16

• Read a book with a gift on the cover or where you can find the letters GIFT in the title (any order)
• Read a book where the characters attend a bridal shower
The Beekeeper's Ball Susan Wiggs 7/12/16

• Read a book that is
-->Old - published before you were born or
-->New - A book published this year or
-->Borrowed - a book you got from the library or borrowed from a friend or
-->Blue - a book with a blue cover
Lovers At Heart (The Bradens at Weston, CO #1; The Bradens #1; Love in Bloom #4) by Melissa Foster Melissa Foster 7/3/16

• Read a book with flowers on the cover or in the title
Best of My Love (Fool's Gold, #20) by Susan Mallery Susan Mallery 7/13/16

• Read a book with a girl and a fancy dress on the cover-your interpretation
Alexandra Lauren Royal 7/15/16

Read a book where a wedding takes place
Sisters in Love Melissa Foster 7/3/1

• Read a book whose title starts with the letter found in the word TOAST
Taken by Love Melissa Foster 7/4/16

• Read a book where the characters dance 
In Too Deep Tracey Alvarez 7/5/16

• Read a book with food on the cover or in the title

• Read a book that takes place in (or characters visit) somewhere you would like to take a honeymoon The Apple Orchard Susan Wiggs 7/11/16

✪ Minimum Page Length: 125 (140 for YA)
✪ Are Rereads Allowed? Yes 
☛ Restrictions?
✪ Can I start a book before Challenge Start Date? Yes
✪ Children Allowed with restrictions: Yes 
☛ Restrictions: must also have YA as Main Page Genre
✪ Posting Requirements when complete:
Book title/cover, author, date read
✪ Are Audiobooks Allowed? Yes
✪ Manga,Comics, Graphic Novels Allowed? Yes
✪ Can I Ignore A/An/The in Titles? Yes 
✪ Author Names Count in Matching Letters? Yes 
✪ Can a book be used more than once in this challenge?: No 
☛ If yes, any stipulations? 
✪ Can the Tasks be done in any order: Yes 
✪ Can Series titles be used for meeting requirements? Yes 
✪ Can Boxed Set/Omnibus/Multi-book set be used for tasks? Yes 
✪ Verification Required For Claiming Badge?: No 

✪Misc Notes

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Favorite Album - Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits

WACKY READING CHALLENGES discussion on goodreads

Favorite Album - Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
Date: 07/01/16 - 08/31/16


The focus of our next favorite album challenge is Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits. Thanks for this great recommendation, Barb!

This album was released June 14, 1972. 
☀Read a book published in June or one published in 1972.
Here's to Us Elin Hilderbrand 7/1/16

The album is 43 minutes, 25 seconds in length. 
☀Read book a book from your TBR that is in a position between the numbers 25 and 43, or a Series Book #4
Infinite Desire Danielle Jamie 7/14/16

The album was recorded on the Columbia label. 
☀Read a book in which the author's first or last initial can be found in COLUMBIA.
Cancel the Wedding Carolyn T. Dingman 7/3/16

4. Rolling Stone's Greatest Albums of All Time:
Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits album comes in at #293 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. 
☀Read a book less than 293 pages. 212
Revel Alison Ryan 7/2/16

5. Charts:
☀Read a book with a five word title (all words count).
'Til Death Do Us Part Amanda Quick 7/6/16

6. Simon & Garfunkel's Best Selling Album:
This is Simon & Garfunkel's best-selling album with over 14 million units sold in the U.S. alone. 
☀Read a book with the number 1 or number 4 found in the total number of pages. 342 pages
Tempt Me If You Can Janet Chapman 7/7/16

7. Cover:The cover of the album shows a long-haired Paul Simon wearing a flat cap, while Art Garfunkel is pictured in a black & white striped shirt.
☀Read a book with a hat, cap or stripes shown on the cover.
All Summer Long by Dorothea Benton FrankAll Summer Long Dorothea Benton Frank 7/1/16

8. Producer:
Producers were Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel and Roy Halee.
☀Read a book in which the first letter of each word in the title can be found in the following letters: SIMONGARFUNKELHALEE. 
Lovers At Heart Melissa Foster 7/3/16

9. Paul Simon:
Paul Simon was born on October 13, 1941 in Newark, New Jersey. 
☀Read a book set in New Jersey or a book by an author born in New Jersey, or a book published in October.
Made for You Lauren Layne 7/2/16

10. Art Garfunkel:
Art Garfunkel was born on November 5, 1941 in Queens, New York. 
☀Read a book set in New York or a book by an author born in New York, or a book published in November. 
Don't Let Go Michelle Lynn 7/7/16 

AMMP July Word Hunt

A Million More Pages discussion on goodreads

In the United States, July is the month of independence. It is the middle of summer and full of fun. This month's word hunt was inspired by a classic commercial forChevrolet. (Those of you who remember it from the 1970's and get the tune stuck in your head, you're welcome! :-D) The commercial was updated in 2015 just in time for the All-Star Game. So let's celebrate July with baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.

The rules are slightly different this time around. The change is that the badges match the categories. In this case, to earn the badge, find all of the words for the category. There are still 20 words and you may use a book once per category. (The following words: home run, hot dogs, ice cream, apple pie, pickup truck, and bow tie are considered to each be one word, so they need to be found as listed.) If you find all 20 words, you will receive a special badge.


Baseball All Summer Long p. 139
Pitch Here's to Us p. 203
Bat Lovers At Heart p. 252
home run
Fireworks Only with You p. 43

Hot Dogs Taken by Love p. 46
Pretzels Only with You p. 35
Peanuts Here's to Us p. 222
Popcorn Lovers At Heart p. 50
Beer All Summer Long p. 168

Apple Pie Don't Let Go Loc 2219
Crust All Summer Long p. 55
Sugar Here's to Us p. 237
bake or Baked Lovers At Heart p. 24
Ice Cream Only with You p. 37

Chevy Here's to Us p. 192
Camaro Don't Let Go Loc 369 
Pickup Truck Lovers At Heart p. 153
Bow Tie In Too Deep Loc 4391

If you have found all 20 words, you have hit a Grand Slam! A Grand Slam is often celebrated with fireworks, so celebrate your accomplishment with this special badge.

2016 RaT #6, June 29 - July 5

Crazy Challenge Connection discussion on goodreads

Here we are, near the end of another month -- and just a few days away from being halfway through 2016. Yikes!

This month's RaT will begin at 12:01am on Wednesday, June 29, and end at midnight on Tuesday, July 5, a total of seven days. (Use your local time for start/end times.) We're hoping that this will help you finish your June reading lists/challenges and get a head start on July's reading!

Again, our goals for this RaT will be to:
(1) complete any challenges ending in June that you haven't finished yet and start on your July challenges (remember that in order to count a book for most of our July challenges, you must read more than half of it in July) and/or
(2) work on that pile of library or borrowed books that's waiting for your attention and/or
(3) read anything you want to read, just because!

If none of these suit you this month, create your own goal and let us know what you hope to accomplish :) As you read, be sure to check in here and let us know what you've read, what you think of the book, and anything else you want to tell us about it!

What do you "need" to read during this time? And what do you *want to read? If you want to set a goal -- books finished, pages read, time spent reading -- you can do that too :) So dig out those take-out menus, set up playdates for the kids (and hubby too?), and get ready to start reading!