Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Making fastnachts

Where we come from in Pennsylvania, yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. We would celebrate this by eating fastnachts. Check out this article from the internet:

If you make bread, it's not hard to do but it takes most of the day!

Sophia kneading the dough.

My turn to kneading.

Sophia cutting the dough.

All the fastnachts!

After they are fried.

Ready to get delivered!


LindyLouMac said...

Shrove Tues is celebrated by eating pancakes in the UK.

Maybe because Lent starts today and lots of people give up sugary foods.

The above link also mentions your Fastnachts, which look delicious.

jmisgro said...

Thanks Linda!

jmisgro said...

That link mentions John Updike and Rabbit Run...John Updike just didn't know how to spell fastnacht because he comes from the same are (Berks County, Pennsylvania) where we lived!!
They didn't have spell check in the 60's ! lolol

Little P said...

They were good...can we make more?!?!

Sharon said...

They were very good. Don't forget us when you make more!!!!

Thanks Joanne and Little P