Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last night of Carnevale 2010

Last night we did the parade thing again! This was the 3rd one the town had. I don't know how people don't get bored with it! Same floats, same songs....but Sophia had a great time! My feet were beat by the end of the day. At the beginning of the day, we visited a new friend that lives in Flushing, NY. She and her husband have a beautiful house here. Then Sophia and I delivered most of the fastnachts we made the day before. We had lunch at Frank's sister's place. Then we delivered more fastnachts and then home to make some supper for later and back out to get in the parade. We partied for 3 hours and just as we were passing the last of our relatives houses, it started to rain. Then we quickly walked home and ate! I was so tired! My dogs were barking!! haha

Sophia in her Principessa costume, borrowed from her cousin.

We followed the Jolly float this time. You can see the confetti flying!

The older girls dancing on the float.

A close-up!

Rosa, Sophia and Carmelina (all the way to the right) and 2 friends.
The younger girls got to lead a song on the float.

Here's a video I took. There is no sound, though.


Sonia said...

that looks like soo much fun... but i can see how tired you would be a the end of the day. i would be too!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I love the way that Sicilians celebrate with these fantastic carnivals.. :-)

Oh yes I am sure I would be tired but I would carry on going..then flop ha ha ha

Jane said...

Casey had such fun the year we were there for carnavale. Brings back such good memories--and a tinge of jealousy.