Monday, February 15, 2010

The Weekend

Our weekend was busy. Frank had to work on Saturday which did not make me happy! He had promised when we moved here that weekends are for family only!!
Sophia made friends with a girl across the street. They roller skated and played Wii all day! Then we went out to dinner with our friends Sharon and Andrea. We got some great food! It was a wonderful evening! We had antipasto, pizza and dessert. Pizza cooked in a wood heated oven!
Antipasto can vary. Saturday night we had a varity of salami, prociutto (ham), cheeses, olives, mushrooms, fried veggies and I can't remember what else.
Yesterday we went to Frank's sister's place. We had the usual antipasto, pasta served at Carnevale ( I forget what it's called - long really thick spaghetti) with served with sugo di maile (red sauce with pork), polpette (meatballs), sausage, salad. Then dolce. Kinda of like this these photos I found on the internet. and
I was so full when we got home!!!

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