Thursday, December 19, 2019

2020 Challenges

Romance Readers Reading Challenges
Monthly Challenges
2020 January Monthly Challenge  My Link COMPLETED
2020 February Monthly Challenge  My Link  COMPLETED

Quarterly Challenges 
The Quarterly Cookie Challenge- June 15- September 14, 2020 COMPLETED

Yearly Challenges  
2020 I Spy.....Challenge  My Link

Band of the Month: Blondie    My Link  COMPLETED
March Stand Alone  My Link  COMPLETED
March Scavenger Hunt   My Link  COMPLETED
Musical City: Chicago    My Link  COMPLETED
May Stand Alone COMPLETED
May Scattergories COMPLETED
June - Stand Alone COMPLETED
Male Authors COMPLETED
Top Hits of 1947  COMPLETED
Dance Crazes   My Link  COMPLETED
It Couples   My Link  COMPLETED
Cold Case Unit 3 month duration