Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter and March Stitching

 I have been busy stitching but no fully finished objects. 

I started Bunny Jar on February 23rd on 18 ct Aida from Atomic Ranch (love their fabrics) color is called Morning Mist. This design is from Pinker n Punkin Quilting & Stitching: Nifty Thrifties and a Small Trifle.  I used the called for DMC threads except for one of the blues.  I had to substitute because I could not find one color. I got this metal jar from Dollar Tree but I could not figure out how I wanted to finish it.  Melisa has other Jar charts and I want to stitch them too.  
I finished stitching on February 28th.

I started Hello Spring from Primrose Cottage on 18 ct white Aida and 
used the called for DMC except I used 13 instead of 164. 
I started this one on February 29th and finished on March 3rd.

This chart by Erin Elizabeth - love her! - was in the Spring issue of Just Cross Stitch.  I subscribe to Everand which used to be Scribd and you can get this magazine and many others too.  It's also available with Kindle Unlimited. I do not know the name of this chart.  I stitched this on the same 18 ct Aida as the previous stitch so they match.  I used the same DMC 604 for the lettering and changed the white to ecru so the stitches would show.  I made a mistake and found an extra stitch in the bottom of the E and the top left is off but I was not going to frog it! It took me awhile to finish this because I was getting frustrated with the constant color changes. I finally finished on March 28th. Check out her Flosstube - Erin Elizabeth Designs - YouTube I loved #11 where she talks about getting floss organized.

I found the chart for the Eggs on the internet and made them with Sulky threads on 16 ct Fiddler's 
Cloth scrap piece. I used colors 4030, 4017, 4088 and 1046 for the border.

The hare was a photo of a stitch that was on a blog.  They said it was a Mosey 'n Me chart called Hare's To You?. I looked all over for a chart to purchase and found nothing.  Frank Bialec died in 2020 and I guess they did not continue with the craft company. It was stitched on a scrap piece of Linen and one of the new Classic Colorworks Weathervane. I started this on March 18th and finished on March 19th.

This is another design by Melisa at Pinker n Punkin Quilting & Stitching: Carrots, Carrots and More Carrots.  She did 2 carrots for her Trifle Series.  I wanted to make a pillow so I did a row and added the word which I should have charted out because of the T.  here's a link to her chart. Carrot Trifle - An Itty Bitty Stitch- Pinker n' Punkin Quilting.JPG - Google Drive.  This is a scrap piece of Aida and I used Classic Colorworks Marmalade and DMC 720 and 3347. The letters were stitched with DMC 890. I started on March 20 and finished on March 24th.  Here's the link to the lettering - Alpha pattern #16346 | BraceletBook.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Luck Truck and March Stitches

 I was looking for another St. Patrick's Day stitch to do and I found Luck Truck on Pinker N Punkin Quilting Blogspot.  It's about 3/4 the way down the page. Melisa gives out a lot of charts that she creates. This truck is really cute!

I started Luck Truck on Sunday, February 18, 2024 on 16 ct Fiddler's Cloth and the called for DMC.  The white sheep did not show up so I changed it to a gray color #3 DMC.  I finished stitching on February 20.

Then I started on March which I stitched on 18 ct Aida Morning Mint from Atomic Ranch.  The green is very light and the cloth is so soft. The threads I used were WDW Blue Spruce, CCW Chopped Chives and DMC Ecru, 500, 340, 973, 3799. I started stitching on Wednesday and finished on Thursday the 22nd.

I figured I needed to fully finish these soon.  
It was nice and sunny on Monday, March 11th and I went to work!

          I bought this piece from Hobby Lobby months ago and did not know what to put on it.  

I glued on a magnet so I will be able to use this backer for another project 
- maybe another truck by Melisa!

I think this looks real cute.  The ribbon came from Factory Direct 
The shank button was from my stash.

I decided to use this backer from Dollar Tree for March.

I used this fabric behind the stitching and finished with a yellow rick rack.

I glued right to the backer because I would not use it for another holiday piece.

The finished pieces on my display.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Luck by Bent Creek

 I saw this pattern on a flosstube by Helen D. So I bought it!

I started it on February 10th using an old piece of fabric - 30 ct Old Mill Java and a mix of Gentle Arts and DMC floss.

I'm looking through my calendar and remembered that we lost electric on February 13 at 9:43 am and did not get it back again until February 15 around 3:30 pm. That really sucked!  We live in the country and need electric for heat and water.  We could use our gas stove top but not the oven.  We melted snow to flush the toilet.  Really makes you glad when the electric comes back on and you can flush!

I finished Luck on February 17 and fully finished it on March 3rd.  I used a wood piece that I bought at Dollar Tree. I painted it Lime Green with the JoAnn Fabrics paint.

Then I went digging in my fabrics for backing stuff.  I made a couple of mistakes with this project.  I did not cut the batting to fit the sticky board. I could not get a smooth edge.  Next time I will!  
And I made my middle piece too large but I like how it came out.

                            I decorated with a few things I also got at Dollar Tree.


I also made a little shamrock for this holder.  I was in Michaels last week and 
saw this so maybe that is where I bought it and from Joann Fabrics. I used a scrap piece of 16 ct Fiddler's Cloth and WDW Curry and CCW Eve's Leaves.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Winter Cometh

 On January 7th, I started Winter Cometh by Summer House Stitche Workes, a Pennsylvania designer - Summer House Stitche Workes. I do not know what the fabric is.  When I went through some boxes in the garage I found 3 yards of this evenweave fabric. I used the called for DMC floss.

The photo on the chart looked more on the green side. 
 I could not imagine how this was going to look when finished.

I think it turned out nicely! I finished it on January 28th.  
I recently bought a frame from amazon but I haven't tried it yet.
I have a few more charts from this company to stitch.

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Winter Cross Stitch Camp from the Colorado Stitcher

 Sheri the Colorado Stitcher ( on IG is running her Winter Cross Stitch Camp again for 2024.  The prompt is to stitch something with an animal on the chart. I chose Winter Bird by Heart in Hand. There is a free badge chart on her website if you participate in the challenge or decide to stitch it. 2024 Winter Cross Stitch Camp Pattern by Colorado Cross Stitcher

#wintercrossstitchcamp2024 #coloradocrossstitcher

Winter Bird is a very cute chart. I stitched it on 28 ct. Beautiful Beige Linen from 
123Stitch with a mix of the called for fancy floss and DMC.  I started this on February 1st and completed it on February 4th.

I'm not sure how I will fully finish this.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

 Tuesday we woke up to a lot of snow. My husband starting clearing it away and then we lost power. We got 9 inches or so of heavy wet snow.  It was so pretty.  But by 2 pm, the temps were in the 40s and it started melting.

Now this morning, we got quite a surprise!  Even more snow than we got on Tuesday.  A lot more than 9 inches.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Lovely Hearts by Textilly Crafts and Valentine's Day Quaker by Primrose Cottage

I was watching the flosstube of Handmade by Sarah W and she said she was 
going to do a SAL with this chart.  I had already started it.

I stitched both of these on the same fabric called 32 ct. Morganite by Fiber on a Whim.  When it's folded up you can see a blush color but it looks white when opened up.  I used DMC 321, 600, 603, 605 and 3689 for the Quaker.  I used DMC 600, 603, 605 for Lovely Hearts.

Here are my two finishes for Valentine's Day- Valentine's Day Quaker by Primrose Cottage and the Lovely Hearts.  I am very happy with these!

We lost power due to a snowstorm for a couple of days this week so I'm late getting this posted.