Monday, January 25, 2010

Castello in Brolo

We drove over to Brolo yesterday, just to see it. I was surprised to see a castello! It looked so cool. I didn't get a chance to get closer though. It is old!
Info from wikipedia: The history of the original medieval town was born and developed around the castle, built almost on the sea, the castle overlooking a vast stretch of the Tyrrhenian coast, protecting the beaches below from pirate raids.
This building used to control the coast, together with the fishing village was known, in the Norman period, the term Voab, place name inherited from the previous Arab domination and whose meaning is "sea fortress". The attribution of such a challenging name to reveal the importance that the village covered the stretch of coast between Capo d'Orlando and Cape CalavĂ , by virtue of its particular geographical and strategic position and the port of Brolo was the only one present in this stretch of coastline, marked by the geographer Idrisi in 1154 under the name of Marsa Daliah, almost certainly was protected by a building used as the initial sighting of the Saracen ships.
Brolo is a beautiful town. It has a seawall with a nice wide sidewalk to stroll on (sort of reminded me of Galveston AND that's just what the people in the town were doing. Everyone was bundled up and had the strollers out. It was nice to see people out!

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