Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out and About Today

Since it was a lovely day today, Litle P and I went out for a walk (well, she was on roller blades)after she came home from school. We went around our town and snapped some photos. We stopped and got a gelato. She got a large lemon and I got a tiny strawberry for €3. Not bad.

A few months ago, the children from the elementary school planted some palms at the park where Padre Pio's statue resides. That's only one of them. The other is at the beginning of town. After "talking to my friend, Gil, on FB yesterday about Padre Pio I decided to walk over there and get a few photos.

It's a nice little park. You can sit and enjoy the statue or pray or whatever you want. It's away from the center of town so it's peaceful there.


Jane said...

Tell Little P that KZ has not forgotten to write her as she asked last week--just too swamped with homework. He plans to do so this weekend. He made a lego castle to show her.

jmisgro said...

Cool, I will!!