Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Trouble with the Internet..

We had the internet for ONE week. Then we woke up Wednesday 2 weeks ago and we didn't. You know it's Italy...anyway we figured it out w/o Telecom!

Back to our goings on...

Last Thursday, we decided to drive out to try to get closer to Mt. Etna. Armed with only a (not very good) map, we started out. We wove in and out and through the mountains, not seeing it but knowing it was there. We can see it from the A20 in Barcellona. We didn't really drive through that many towns. But there was this one town called Novara di Sicilia. It is beautiful. Here's a few photos.

This is a photo as we approach the town. They have 2 churches. I don't know if they older one is in use. (On the right side of the photo).

Look at the street. You don't get a smooth ride but it is amazing! When we went through the town on our way to the volcano, we had to weave through the parked cars and cars coming in the other direction. You can see the street is not very wide. I was sure we wouldn't make it a few times. But when we were on our trip home, the streets were clear (like this photo) because everyone was at home for lunch or getting there!

Beautiful architecture...I love seeing all the balconies....Look at the arches over the doors on the ground floor. See the plaster work around the balcony doors on the primo piano (first floor, second to us Americans!) Bella! Bella!

Stop by tomorrow for more of our trip!

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