Friday, February 12, 2010


I didn't get to blog yesterday because I was running around. My friend, Sharon, took me to a Roman ruin in Patti. Thanks Sharon! I accidentally dropped my camera so I took photos on my phone. I must get a blue tooth and get them off. Another tech thing to figure out!

It was also our oldest's 20th birthday. Happy Birthday to P#1!! She's not in Italy with us.

Yesterday was the first day of Carnivale in our town. Litle P had to take some snacks to school. We made some Rice Krispie Treats. I found some red food coloring at the Ipercoop store so I tinted the marshmallow pink. We walked to school because the little bus is too crowded and she thought there wouldn't be enough room for her to carry the treats. She said everybody loved them! I will make them again sometime if I can find marshmallows again! The last few times we have been to Ipercoop they haven't had any!
Litle P and her friends and cousins had a great time last night! It was loud and fun to watch everyone dancing and parading through the town. We got to the area where the schools are around 3:15. The parade was supposed to start at 3 but we didn't get going until 4:50. By 7:30 I was beat. We had gotten close to home so we left. I had made some ragu earlier in the day so I just had to boil pasta so we could eat. I was hungry.
I had confetti everywhere! Especially down my shirt. I cleaned some of it up last night but I have to sweep this morning! There is something coming on Sunday and then Tuesday nights but I don't know what! Stay tuned!
Madagascar Float
Lost of kids dressed as animals

Some of the Media School kids (Jr. High)
Don't know what they are!

Carmelina, Sophia, a friend

Madagascar Float again

Mario and Luigi and friends

Kids from the town!

Throwing confetti!
Following the Pocahantas Float - many Indians

The Jolly Float

The last float


Sonia said...

that looks like fun! i think there might be something going on downtown tomorrow but, on sunday i'm going to the park to check out the action.

LindyLouMac said...

Such a shame carnevale is in the winter and this year so bitterly cold.