Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Kitchen

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted about hating the fact that I only have one sink. It is really hard to do dishes. I have to fill the sink up with water, let the dishes soak for a bit and then empty the sink to wash and rinse. Then put them in the dish drainer and dry them and put them away. The men said don't you have the drainer in the cabinet. You can't put wet stuff in here because it gets everything else wet. They didn't understand.

So here's the photos of my Barbie kitchen!

This is the only cabinet I have to store dishes.

Over the tiny sink.

The whole kitchen

The tiny stove

The tiny oven

The freezer

Inside view

The fridge
I am taller than the fridge. So those of you who know how short I am,
can understand just how small this is!


Sonia said...

i hear ya sister!.. except i have a double sink and i don't have that rack above my sink. those things annoy me. i rather wash, dry and put away immediately. i am also taller than my fridge!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Lots of people in the UK have those fridges, that is quite normal. We don't have a drainer over the sink, we have ours to the side.. and I only have a small 4 ring cooker too, with a grill and oven .. !!

Sharon said...

Your place looks so neat and tidy!