Thursday, May 27, 2010

Car Wash!

One of the business ideas we had before we came here was to build a car wash. Frank's family said that would never work here. Then a few months ago this place was being built.
It's a car wash! There is a huge one in Barcellona P.G. and it is always full!

I love that building in the background.
It must have been a beauty in it's day.

Automatic washer. Notice the parked car...
barely enough room to get by.

Self service washing

These are the coins that operate the machines.
On the sides they look like keys.
The name of the car wash is Atlantic, hmmmm.


LindyLouMac said...

What a shame the family did not encourage you, they seem to be very busy in this part of Italy.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I agree with Linda.. such a shame and now you are going to return to the States.

Anonymous said...

I think a carwash would be a great business here. Since most people live in apartments with no parking spaces, there is nowhere to clean their vehicles. There are a few small car wash places on teh streets near us which always do a great business. Some of the larger gas stations also have the machines but i don't see people using them very often.

Mind you, i washed my car the other day (we actually have a garden so can do this!) and then the next day a sirocco came and it ended up terribly dusty. Waste of time washing it - i think a lot of people in Sicily maybe think this way. Vanessa