Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Space Shuttle

Have your children seen a space shuttle take off into space? I ask this because Atlantis went up the other day for the last time. Only 2 more shuttles will blast off into space and then the program will be over! My youngest had never seen this. We watched it together and she thought it was cool!

Boy was I praying that it wouldn't explode! Remember Challenger?

I am surprised that the American schools don't take a minute to turn on the TVs and let the children watch history being made. Why? I think it's important. Do you?
While I was growing up in the 60's going into space was a BIG DEAL! It was exciting. We had space food and trips to the Johnson Space Center. Now what is there? Do kids today know who was the first American in space or even that the Americans weren't the first people in space? Who were the first men on the moon?

Check out the videos with your kids! The internet is so wonderful for things like this!!

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Gil said...

Yes it was a big deal in the 60s when we were growing up. I don't think the news media gave it much time here in the US.