Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas - Keep It Simple

As some of you know, we have moved three times since October 2009.  So we have very few decorations anymore.  What we do have is in our storage unit which is tiny.  I don't have the room to go through each box and look for things.

This is our tree.

I bought the tree and the trimmings at Hobby Lobby for about $18.  Everything was 50% off.

We live in a small apt. (on the 3rd floor - no elevators here) so we do not have room for a large tree. 
 Do we need a large tree? Not really. 
 It would be nice to have a real tree but I can't carry it up all these stairs.
Then having to buy all the decorations and carry them up.
And back down again after the holidays.

Why does our society always have to have the biggest and most expensive of everything?

Can we survive with just the basics?
Sure we can!

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