Friday, January 8, 2010

Bagpipes in Sicily

The past few weeks have been a blur so i cannot remember what day this happened, it must have been before Christmas. We were coming back to town after going somewhere. We seem to drive around a lot! The King's family thinks we're strange (in a good way) for doing this.
We saw Mico (The King's oldest niece's husband). He was out riding their bike. He said the Babbo Natale was on our street handing out candy to the children. He gave a few pieces to Litle P. So of couse we had to check it out but by the time we got there they were out of candy. It was 2 young guys dressed as Santa and another guy with a sheepskin that looked like bagpipes. wish I would have gotten a photo!
This morning I am reading the blogs and sites I read and I saw this post. They were bagpipes!

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