Friday, January 8, 2010

Trip - Part 2

After we passed through Novara we drove through some breathtaking scenery. There were goats and sheep everywhere. Look at these...better be careful or you will fall! It's amazing where they would stand and eat. Did you notice the beautiful rock wall? These were all along the road, holding the hillside up.
I wonder why these trees are swaying? Isn't that bizarre? There are pines everywhere here.

Here's a shot of one of the rocky peaks. Still we haven't caught sight of Mt. Etna. We know it's there somewhere!
On our trip we passed a solar panel farm near MazzarrĂ . A sign there said it supplies enough electricity for 150 homes for a year. Cool.
Then we noticed that a driveway was cut out on the side of the road. What was going on? A sign said that they are building a windmill farm. Very cool! We had passed some windmills on our way from the airport the day we arrived in Sicily.
I had read somewhere that Sicilians are far behind the rest of the world, like still living in the 80's but I do not see that. They are getting green here!

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