Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fooling around on you tube!

I found some videos taken inside the church I posted about the other day. Don't tell! THese were made by a guy that lives in our town. The mosaics are fantastic.
This next one is from out of a window in the church. You can see how high the mountain is.
In this one you can see the houses near the church


jojofromvictoria said...

These video's really do portray the majesty of the church at Tindari. My hubby and I took a day trip there from Canitello last year (where we were staying in an apartment right on the ocean overlooking the straight of Mesina and Mesina itself!). I loved the church and the roman ruins! I hope we can make it back again this year, as we are here again until March! If the rain gods co-operate as we only have a 400 Suzuki scooter as transportation..we will be back to check it out some more... great to hear that everything is working out for you.. cheers!

jmisgro said...

You are here in Sicily now??

jojofromvictoria said...

I am not in Sicily per se.. but I am staying just across the water in Calabria, just near Villa San Giovanni (where you catch the ferry to Sicily). My hubby and I have rented an apartment and have been here since the beginning of December and will be here until the beginning of March, not doing too much just touring with our bike when the weather is good, and just hanging out with the relatives sometimes. So far having a good time!