Saturday, January 16, 2010

House Hunting Part 2

Read part 1 first!!
5. The King's nephew's FIL (Carmello) took us to see the next one. It was a villa but old. The outside needed a lot of work. The plaster was cracking and you could see the rebar! But the inside was nice. It was dated (probably built in the 70's) but it was cool. You could tell it would get a lot of light. It had 2 bathrooms, one on each floor (and the toilets were not next to the tub/shower areas - I hate that!). It had 3 nice sized bedrooms on the 2nd floor, along with a storage room big enough to put a little office in! There was a small terrace outside the 3rd bedroom and balconies off the other bedrooms. But not much yard. There was a street in the front and one right in the back of the house. I didn't bring the camera because I knew the King wouldn't like it. The price is €320,000. Too much!

6. The realtor took us to another place he had. We knew it would be too small but we said we would look.

The outside area is so cute but the realtor could not find the key but he said it only had one bedroom. That won't work.

7. The same realtor took us to see some townhouses he is building. The King didn't like it. We would have to buy 2 and @ €130,000 each too much for too little. It was nice area though. Right across the street from the elementary school but you would get jammed up twice a day and wouldn't be able to come or go.

8. Carmello pointed out an apt. that was for sale. The King doesn't want an apt.

9. The house above. The price is €290,000. It has a garage, another outbuilding, kitchen, living room, 3 bathrooms (nice) and 4 bedrooms and the terrace that they closed in. There is 14,000 mq of land with mostly olive trees. It was nice but the front door opens into the kitchen. There is a covered patio arond 3 sides although the back side isn't very wide. It was a cement driveway and a gate at the top, so you can't get unannounced visitors. The roof would have to be replaced.
It just didn't grab me. Know what I mean?? I think we are gonna pass on this one too!
Stay tuned!

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