Saturday, January 16, 2010

House Hunting

We have been doing some house hunting. Right now we are living in a small apt. with very noisy neighbors above us. Right now they are banging repeatedly on the floor (our ceiling). We have neighbors across the street with those yippy little dogs. Yipping all the freaking time....

1. The King's niece's husband took us up to a town called Milici to look at a house. It was small. We did not get to see the inside. But we really would like a yard.

2. The King's BIL took us to see an apt on the primo piano on the other side of town. Once again too small and kinda gross!

3. This house (above). Beautiful on the outside. Lovely terrace. We could drive inside the fence and park. But the inside....not so good! The front door enters into the kitchen, a big no-no for me! No kitchen cabinets, instead they built a huge island to put the appliances into. I refuse to walk from one side of the kitchen to use the stove and walk to the other side to use the sink. Where does the food go and the dishes???? They also had an unfinished wood stove/chimney right inside the door. I wish I would have taken the camera that day. No room for a table either.

The bathroom was hideous. They said it was a new build but that toilet was OLD!! No tub. Some weird shower set up with a huge built in seat. I couldn't figure out how a person would wash themselves.

2 bedrooms (we need 3)...the first would barely fit a matrimonial bed. No room for an armadio. Plus the back door was in there! WTF! The second bedroom was also very small with room for a single! Where is my kid gonna play?

Then to the other side of the house - one HUGE room with a sink cabinet in the middle. A huge barn type door in the wall.

Then they told us they wants €325,000 for it. Forget that one!

4. This is the next house we saw. It had a lovely patio but the house was just too small and the bathrooms were gross. And there was a spiral staircase. The man wants €195,000. Forget that one!

This post is getting long...I must make a part 2.


Jane said...

Oh, JoAnne, what a task this is to find a house--they are quite different than houses in the US. It's my understanding that when someone leaves a house they take all the kitchen cabinets with them for their next house. I'm sorry that your noisy neighbors make getting a house so urgent but hang in there, you'll find one you like.

jmisgro said...

Only one house that we saw didn't have cabinets, although the furniture was still there too!