Friday, January 15, 2010

Yesterday was a nice sunny day. The King and I had to go to the bank because we tried to get money from the bancomat and it ate our card...We found out it was something with the microchip or something!
We went to the store and I made some lasagna. It was great!

Now today we are back to a gray, chilly yuck day. I don't feel like doing anything...

I was thinking what photos could I post today>>>Some time ago I posted a photo of this gorgeous church that overlooks this area. We had gone up there and I took photos on my phone and then realized I cannot download them...I need a blue tooth. I know nothing about cell phones. I had one once in like 1998 and then not again until we moved here. I never turn it on.

So anyway... here's the Church of the Black Madonna!
It is so beautiful inside this church. The walls are lined with huge mosaic pictures. You can tell they are old. I wish I could have taken photos. It's not allowed plus the priest was giving a sermon while we were there. I felt I was being rude walking arounds while we was speaking but everyone was doing it.
Here's a link from another visitor.
Michelle at Bleeding Espresso has this on her blog. She got a photo of a mosaic.
This photo was taken just down the mountain from the above photo. I don't know if it is a sculpture (the white metal church) or what??

Here's another site with some photos.


Jane said...

JoAnne, keep the pictures coming.I love them.

michelle | bleeding espresso said...

Thanks for the link love! I'd love to get back there. So pretty!

Sharon said...

Hi JoAnne..

The structure is the Pope station. Ask your relatives for a more detailed description. It was constructed when the Pope visited Tindari. Kinda looks like his hat...
Anyhow it was so the followers could see him better.