Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More trip photos

As we were approaching Mt. Etna we saw all these villages. They were abandoned. I don't know if people had lived there at one time and left because of the volcano or if it was another case of I have some money and some land , let's build something. There are a lot of properties that are half built here.

This place looked like it was meant to a hotel or tourist accomodations. It has a fabulous view of the volcano. Mt Etna is the most active volcano on earth!

Here it is. You can see it smoking! There's Litle P in the corner! This was a fun little trip for us. I think our next foray may be to Cefalu or Erice. Who knows!

I wonder how much snow if up thee now since it has gotten a little cooler here. Dec 31st was so warm we were in short sleeves.

More about Mt. Etna:


Sonia said...

that is so cool!

Emily said...

When I took my little one to ballet class yesterday we noticed a thick layer of snow halfway down Mt. Etna. It was beautiful!

I'd love to hear what you think of Erice. We still haven't been, but everyone I know says it's a "must see" sight in Sicily. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos :) hopefully I can go there someday :)

Rowena... said...

Well surprise, surprise! I had no idea that you had moved here (or was even going to for that matter) so it was a nice greeting to see the photos of Etna, the Messina beer!, and the stuff that you've been able to find at the grocery shops. When you had commented about living in Waikiki and the koi ponds, it brought back such wonderful memories for me.

Welcome to Italy!