Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Gift

Day before yesterday I read this book. It was a cute story about second chances. It was not her best work but it was an enjoyable afternoon.
This was one of the books that I ordered from Amazon France. Almost of of the books came in a few days. They were delivered by courier and not sent through the Italian poste.
I still have a few books that haven't been shipped yet.


Alyson said...

I just finished reading P.S. I Love You. How coincidental is that?! Are they any cheaper through France than UK or Germany? Anything I order of UK comes from anyway!! :)

jmisgro said...

I didn't have an account that used euros (only USD) so I was trying to figure out which way was the cheapest for me. I was checking and france and the book depository.

I read all of Ahern's other books. But this one was not avaible in the US.
Did you see the movie? (PS Ilove you?)