Monday, January 11, 2010

A Sunday Night Out

Last night we went out to Donna Rosa. It 's a restaurant/pizzeria in our town. Read this blog post about it.
Litle P was invited to a birthday party. Her first one since we moved. She made a card on the computer because I have yet to see a card shop anywhere!
I told The King we could get some pizza while the party is going on.

This is the second time we ate there. It's the second time we even went out for food. Going to a restaurant is totally different here. In the US it's rush, rush, rush, When I was a waitress, you had to get to a table in 3 minutes after the customers sat down.

We sat down at 7 pm. We were the only people in the place besides the kids at the party. We ordered 2 beers - Birra Messina. It's good. (Photo from the internet from Chris.JP)
The King ordered 2 plates of fried calamari. We waited quite awhile which was ok. We were watching calcio (soccer) on the TV and watching the guys making pizza in the stone pizza oven. Ater a bit the waitress came over and said they were waiting for the oil to heat up and she gave us a plate of fried dough. It's pizza dough cut into strips and fried, then salted. It is good! If it had sugar on it instead, it would have tasted like a sopapilla.
After eating those I was getting full. Then our calamari came. Wow it was a lot! We ordered 2 more beers. I had no room for pizza. But I did order a salad.
I don't know how these people put the food away and still are thin. I can't do it!
It was the first time (if I am remembering correctly) that The King and I had dinner out alone in almost 20 years. Our oldest turns 20 in one month from today. It was really nice. Litle P had a great time at the party. It was over when we were ready to leave.

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liquirizia said...

Glad to hear that Italy is rekindly the romance.. Enjoy every moment! Glad to hear that life is going well in your new homeland!!!