Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Messina

We have to drive thru tunnels to get anywhere. I remember 2 summers ago when we visited my sister in Cleveland we had to drive thru some tunnels in Pennsylvania. That was a big deal.

In this photo we are driving towards Messina. Calabria (mainland Italy) is in the distance.

A gorgeous and old church in Messina. More photos of it in the next post.

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jojofromvictoria said...

Aren't the "galleries" in Sicily great! Should try them on a motorcycle with the trucks wizzing by like you don't exist! Great pictures! If you enjoy the churches in Messina, don't miss the Duomo at 12 noon.. It has a great show with muscic playing ave maria. roosters crowing, lions roaring, etc... We spent NewYears Day there, and what an awesum way to start the new year! Glad you are having fun exploring!