Wednesday, February 3, 2010

San Biagio Day 3 Febraury

San Biagio was a doctor and was appointed bishop of his city. Because of his faith was imprisoned by the Romans during the trial refused to renounce their Christian faith, and for punishment was torn with iron combs, which are used for carding wool. Died beheaded in 316.

He is the patron saint of wool and throat illnesses.

I heard the band today. They were playing and marching through the town.

The bread of San Biagio.

The King's nephew delivered this bread today!


LindyLouMac said...

Our local town celebrates Santo Biagio today as well! Procession with band from the church this morning and a local public holiday with most businesses closed for the day.
We watched last year when we were living in the town but this year it was just too cold to go down there.
There was an overnight sprinkling of snow, although it has all gone now.
In your photos it looks sunny.

jmisgro said...

It was chilly in the morning but warmed up some as the day went on. We were lucky with a sunny day!