Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cefalu Part 3

We headed up this little road toward the church. I was getting excited.
Something looks really fabulous ahead.

Then we entered the piazza! WOW!

What a photo op! A fabulous old church with that rocky backdrop!

I click photos as I looked around the piazza.

It was such a gorgeous day. Everyone was out.
There were lots of other tourists too!

I was really loving this.

These buildings are amazing.
There is nothing like like in the town we live in!

There were 4 statues at the church.
This is the one on the left of the gate.

Right side of the gate.

Inside the courtyard. What a cool gate.

One of the towers on the church

walkway in the courtyard

The door of the church. It was HUGE!

Top of the column

The roof

The carved pieces on the door.
Tomorrow we enter the church!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Thanks JoAnne , a wonderful little tour - Love the piazza!!

No sun here for us, it is pouring down :-(

Lucia said...

I didn't get to go inside at 2 or 3 am whatever time it was when I was there so I look forward to your pics tomorrow. A domani!