Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cefalu Part 2

We are heading away from the beach and towards the center of the city (Centro).
I like to snap photos of anything that I think is cool!
I like the architecture here.
Sometimes it's very interesting and sometimes it's not!

Sicilians like to lock everything up!

Typical crumbling of buildings. Some say it's the salt in the air.

Street view

This is the street!

I thought this edifice was different.

You see sayings or quotes often here.

Restaurants galore!

Lots of little shops.

Interesting nook

An alleyway - you will see beyond this tomorrow!

Another street view

Interesting door - noticing the sign pointing the way to a toilet!

Sidewalk violinist. He was really good!

The Pirates Cove Restaurant

I liked this one!

Cool street lamp

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Lucia said...

Beautiful Photos! I love Pirates, I would have eaten at the Pirates Cove just for that. Wonder what it looks like inside!!