Monday, March 22, 2010


On Saturday morning we drove west towards Palermo. We decided to visit Cefalu. It's a beach town so we knew what we expected to see, maybe. The drive there was nice.
We must have driven through 30 tunnels to get there.

Leaving a tunnel and stopping in the rest area to take some photos!
It was really nice to see areas that we could pull off and snap some shots!

The next tunnel!!

It was doubled! Must be a heavy mountain.

Still topped with snow!
Sorry about the bad shot. Most areas of the autostrada have high fences.

We entered the Nebrodi Mountains. They are beautiful. It is so green! I was really surprised when we first came here. I certainly didn't expect it to look this way. And with all the rain we have had...we must have brought it with us!
The Madonie National Park in in these mountains.

Driving into Cefalu.

Toward the beach

We got a place to park and out we went.
The view to the left.

Look to the right - Cefalu.

I couldn't get the whole thing in one photo!

The beach - it's actually sand! The white speck in the water was a sailboat.
Italian women walking on the beach. It was a warm day - no need for coats, but!!

Heading toward the city. Sophia and I have spied
the church and we want to see it!

We kept seeing this mini tower as we drove in.
Finally a half decent shot of it over the comune building.
Stay tuned for more!
It was a glorious day. BUT, we heard some women speaking "American". I stopped to talk to them. I think they were from Sigonella because I thought I heard them say "the base".
They were not very friendly. I won't make that mistake again.
I guess they don't really miss hearing their language the way some of us here do.


Lucia said...

I have such good memories of Cefalu, my parents are from Termini Imerese, I think an hours drive or so from there. I remember sitting on those church steps at 3 am one evening and walking along the beach!

Anonymous said...

JO, don't cut off your nose to spite your face. Maybe you can meet someone else from Sigonella that is more talkative. Maybe they just need to know you are now a local or that your Dad was retired Navy and will be a little more open with you.