Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Look at an Italian Supermarket

We went to the store this morning and I thought I would snap some photos of a few areas to show you...

The deli section
It's Easter - sides of lamb and sheep for sale!

(That's only half of the cheese section)

Fish (swordfish, tuna, salmon)

Assorted seafood

Frozen foods
I only thought of snapping a few shots with my phone
after we were almost thru the store.
People were quietly laughing at me taking photos with my phone.
I guess they knew I wasn't Italian! lol


Anonymous said...

When I first went to an Italian supermarket I was fascinated by things like the deli counter with all the salumi, including the massive mortadella, but I have never taken photos. Brave you for doing so, well done.

Sonia said...

I've always wanted to take pictures of supermarkets, BUT... they have huge signs with No Camera/pictures written on them.

Jane said...

Once I was taking pictures at the Ipercoop in Florence and security came after me. It was against the rules to take pictures. It was quite funny--you would think I was a serious criminal

jmisgro said...

I was trying to be sneaky with my phone...Security is usually over by the entrance, looking at the women!