Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Murphy's Pub

We saw this pub as we were walking into the old part of Cefalu. Murphy's beer is my most favorite beer. I thought if the place opens we are going in there! Plus we might get lucky and be able to actually eat in a restaurant in the daytime. (Where we live the restaurants are not open in the daytime and sometimes only on weekend evenings, if they open at all.)

They were open when we came back.

This is the inside. Looks like
I would think an Irish pub would look like!
But as my luck holds out, no Murphy's beer.
Not even an Italian beer! I had a glass of Carlsbad, not bad!

They had this platter of fish at the door to entice people to come in.
We ate lunch there. Frank had Insalata di mare (seafood salad) and a bistecca (steak). Sophia also had Insalata di mare (seafood salad) and Frito Misto (assorted fried seafood). I had Insalata Caprese (mozzarella and tomatoes) and Frito Misto (assorted fried seafood). Sophia and I also each had Insalata Verde (a green salad). We had bread and wine. Sophia had a coke to drink.
The food was great. The seafood was very fresh and tasted so good!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

That is very odd not to have any Guiness, why is it called The Murphy Pub otherwise.

I love Frito Misto...although the whole lunch sounds delicious :-)

Lucy said...

I like the name. Murphy's Pub. Perfect.

LindyLouMac said...

What a strange place to come across, a pub in Italy with an Italian menu.

Lunch sounded delicious.

Gil said...

The fish look like they are smiling at the camera!